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Discussion in 'General' started by kodajake, Feb 18, 2001.

  1. :confused: ***** what are the stars for? and how did i get some? :confused: ...if its good ...how do I get some more? :D
  2. no clue, but i just gave you 5. :D
  3. the rate member thing is where any one can give you a rateing from 5(best) to 1(worst) any one can vote for any one but you can't vote for yourself.
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  4. any one can vote for any one but you can't vote for yourself.[/B][/QUOTE]

    :D Well...that rule will stop my fast rise to fame.... ;) :eek:
  5. well, someone just rated me a 5. to whoever it was, cheers! :D
  6. i cant even remember what your avatar was before it was this mary jane......has nothing to do with the post..but ah well
  7. Damn, the only time I ever saw alot of stars was when I knocked myself out on the hood of a car while I was drunk. I saw all kinds of stars spinning around after I finally came to. LOL.

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