Rate yourself !

Discussion in 'General' started by NeverOddOrEven., Nov 23, 2011.

  1. do you think your physically attractive, potheads?

    I'd give myself about an 8

  2. I'm a busty bimbo milf with long legs and ass implants.

    I'm sexy.

    I can dream.. I'm about a 7.
  3. I am like 23523453245324/10 :cool:
  4. I'm fuckin' awesome, an awesomeness that cannot be measured by a scale, much less one created by a mortal.:cool:
  5. 7/10 I guess. I have the potential to be an 8 if I exercise enough and put enough effort into my appearance but lately I haven't been doing either of those things.
  6. 6/10

    my middle name is mediocrity

  7. Your not that guy in your sig are you ? hah :p
  8. I'm ginger so yeah. Like the max we can get is 6? But 6.5. Boom.
  9. I would say a 7. Like, I feel like I look pretty good head on, but my face looks a little awkward when viewed from the side.

    Actually, a 6.

  10. LOL ! :smoke::smoke:
  11. I'm an 11 out of 10.
  12. right this moment I have a remarkabl low self oppinion of myself, so im not even going to try and rate myself.
  13. Lol like a 3. No lie.

    I'm pretty awesome if that counts :D
  14. cheer up blade, someone somewhere would want to put something inside you

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