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Rate the the last movie you watched!

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Dimethyltrip, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. The hills have eyes is weird AF :laughing::laughing:

  2. IKR those evil deformed psychos lol. :eek:
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  3. Watched both of the Kill Bill movies with my husband last night 10/10 for both. Still 2 of my favorite films ever too.
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  4. large_xhQM84Ujs4xKMcXvKjWceBrwyLj.jpg
    Blow 8/10
    one of the best movies of jhonny depp
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  5. Safety Last - 1923
    One of the best silent films ever made. 10/10
    Safety Last.jpg
  6. Brick Mansions 8/10

    Pretty good movie sad it was one of Paul Walkers last. Plus RZA was in it so that gets a few extra points.
  7. Captain Phillips,

    Wow, it was just spectacular and it was based on a true story.

  8. we watched X-men Days Of Future Past lol 10/10 tho all that time travel stuff just confuses me :laughing:
  9. Riddick 10/10 lol I like this one. Vin Diesel was good as usual and Jordi Molla was in it too and he is so under rated even when he plays a bad guy lbvs...very good actor. I liked that doggy like creature as well it was cool.
  10. The Great Wall....Matt Damon. 2/10. Clearly made for the Asian market. Pretty terrible although colorful
  11. The Room: 1/10 - Had to watch it with The Disaster Artist being in theaters since I had never seen it before and hooooooly crap what a turd. It was like the worst soft core porn ever, some of the lines did make me laugh pretty hard though. Hi Doggy!
  12. Do you mean American Made with Tom Cruise? I haven't seen it but I've seen God Bless America and I'd give it 8.5/10 for enjoyability. Kinda rough movie though, given the popularity of mass shootings these days.
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    Watched 007 Skyfall last night lol 7/10 not the best James Bond movie but it was worth watching and I liked that Javier Bardem was the villain .
  14. Are we done yet? with Ice Cube.

    I'll give it a 6/10.. good movie. Ice Cube is a good actor, plus Nia Long is in it as well and she's fine.
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  15. The Disaster Artist: 9/10 Movie was really really good. James Franco was fantastic as Tommy Wiseau, such a crazy story about such a terrible movie, and just done so well. Loved it.
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    IKR back in the day I never could have pictured him in movies but now he is a good actor.
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  17. He was perfectly fine in Friday, a movie I've seen about a dozen times.

    I am far less interested in this new age PG version of Cube.

    Chris Tucker is the real star anyway.

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  18. Good point lbvs. I liked when Chris Tucker was in the Rush Hour movies with Jackie Chan too
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  19. Agreed. I liked those as well, although Jackie (and working with the bigger industry) already started to soften him out.

    Tucker was at his best when he was 100% hood. Everything that followed was just chasing money.

    Ice Cube gets a lot of props over the Friday franchise, which is what made him, but the real stars are Tucker, Mike Epps, and the legend John Witherspoon.

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