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  1. Mo (2007)


    This film had me laughing and crying. The casting was perfect, even though I barely recognized any faces. It is based on true events, and captures powerful tragedy as well as fantastic humour. I may be a real softie, but I was truly moved after watching it.
  2. [​IMG]

    9/10 loved it.:smoking:
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  3. Oh, did you watch Mo too? :)
  4. No ive never heard of MO. Is it a foregin movies.
  5. Dance of The Dead 7/10
    Sympathy for Lady Vengeance 8/10
    Devils Rejects 8/10
  6. Public Enemies - 8,5/10

    Excellent performance as usual by Johnny Depp, and overall great movie.
  7. Watched Pineapple Express again last night never fails to get me laughing. 9/10

    I watched Obsessed (because it has Beyonce in it) and it was ok.. It reminded me of a few crazy chicks i've come across in my life and made me aware how bad they can get. It had beyonce in it, and that hot chick from Heroes, and it was decent movie just a bit slow, so 7/10
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  8. Logan's Run 3/10

    Shit's fucking crazy. Doesn't help that I was watching it while stoned out of my mind on some intense dank, but seriously. Things rated PG, but there are tits EVERYWHERE. Only redeeming feature of the movie.
  9. There Will Be Blood- 9/10

    What the shit. This movie came outta nowhere! Finally saw it and I was blown away. I regret not having seen it when it first came out. I didn't see it stoned. Which i think helped since I probably would have thought that the movie was boring. The only qualms I have with it are the ending. I dunno. It was too abrupt. I'll most likely stop being a baby about, and end up upping the score to a full 10.

    But Daniel Day Lewis...what a pimp.
  10. I love films and I try to watch at least one a day. I download them so i always have a ton to watch. The latest ones are...

    Adventureland - 8/10
    Good coming of age kind of movie about a kid who is forced to get a job at an old ass theme park and his relationship with everyone there, in particular a girl. Pretty funny and quite engaging.

    Wristcutters: A Love Story - 7/10
    Solid if sorta weird movie where people who commit suicide go to a world just like the normal world, only everythings a little shittier and they basically feel worse then they did before. About a guy and a girls journey in said world. Pretty funny and kinda trippy. Loved the ending.

    The Go-Getter - 9/10
    Really great movie about a young guy who goes on a roadtrip to find his brother that he hasnt seen in years. He steals a car to go on the trip and the movie is about his adventure finding him and his relationship with the owner of the car. Really really liked this one. Had great music by M.Ward and it had Zooey Deschanel who i'm in love with. Well acted and directed.

    I recommend all of them if you like semi-comedic, semi-love story movies that make you feel good. Ciao.
  11. Wristcutters is highly underrated and one of the only films with Shannyn Sosamon I do actually enjoy.

    I just finished Shaft and I have both of the sequels on my TV stand so I'm gonna complete the trilogy sometime later today
  12. Pulp Fiction - 10

    My favorite movie. Only the time before the last time I watched it I was really high and into it, and when Mia Wallace OD's, I threw up. It was the intensity of a drug overdose combined with me eating waaay too much junk food earlier that night.

    But yeah it is an amazing movie.
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  13. harry frickin potter part 6... 6/10 unfortunately
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    taken... in theaters at least 1/10

    it was my first movie in a while, and last, movies are shittttt
  15. Alien Trespass

    A throwback to the classic Science Fiction films of the 50's.
    The film would have been so much better if it was in B&W but overall a fun flick.


  16. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist


    Little sappy, but there were some good moments.
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  17. district 9

    9/10 Real good movie! I was hooked since the start
  18. Schindler's List

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  19. Grace - 3/10 (Garbage but I'll give it 3 stars for the hot lead female character)
    Groestque 5/10 (Asiatic torture porn. Whoopie)
    How to Lose Friends & Alienate People 7/10 (I could see myself ownng this on DVD)
    Shaft 5/10 (Overrated)
    Shaft's Big Score 6/10
    Shaft in Africa 5/10
    Sheba, Baby 6/10 (It's no Coffy but for a PG film it's pretty hardcore; filled with blood shedding and vulgarity)
    Frankyln 6/10 (Good performances but I didn't really enjoy the story premise)
    Subconscious Cruelty 6/10 (Definitely one mindfuck of a film)
    Crank 2 7/10 (This one was over-the-top compared to the original)
  20. I Love You, Man


    watched it 2 nights in a row with my friend right after getting faded :]
    this movie is hilarious. probably one of the funniest movies ever made. if you havnt seen it, you must! jason segals character is amazing
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