rate the "stoner air" of my car...

Discussion in 'General' started by toker de PEACE, May 24, 2004.


How stoner is this car... http://www.ohiexchange.com/autos/vehicle%20images/90_vw_cab

  1. Not a "stoner car" at all

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  2. yeah, its a pretty sweet stoner car

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  3. its the king stonerness

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  1. Paint that hog green, and on the top hood, get a big pot leaf put on.

    Bam, you have yourself a damn fine stoner mobile. :)
  2. [​IMG]

    i got it to work. there you go.

    nice, love vws, im a air cooled vw nutta, i got a beetle and a camper :D

    edit: imo, my cars are more stoner cars, even more so my camper, bed, fridge, grill, alllll you need lol
  3. funny thing is though krapp, your camper has none of those things till we put the new interior in!
  4. a golf mk1 cabriolet..........nice wheels, they're collectors cars over here..........seen one dark blue, with a dark blue hood, and it rocked...........maybe worth thinking about...........Peace out.........Sid
  5. ^^^

    Yup, awesome cars. And it is a stoner car, but I don't think thats really a good thing. I have a MK4 Golf with dark tinted windows and its "stoner looking." Just another reason for a cop to pull you over. :(
  6. ok, who the fuck said not a stoner car, im gunan kill em', haha, just kidding. yeha i shoudl get a fuckin big pot leafe on the front and some sweet "probly tokin" bumper stickers! haha, word
  7. any cars a stoner car, just not as good without the stuff i aint got in my camper yet lol
  8. hot yo stonermoble.... lol
  9. that is pretty "stoner"
    all you need to do is: paint it weed green, with sparkles like crystalization, a pot leaf decal. have a pot leaf deodorizor hangin from the mirror, green tinted windows, a built in electric scale in the dashboard (or maybe in the glove compartment so when you open it, a scale slides down or something), green seats, built in roller, blunt dispenser, cig dispenser full 'o' joints and a built in hidden hookah with 5 hoses comin out of it for you, passenger, and 3 back seaters...have the bowl coming out of the armrest or something....lol i got a bit overboard. too funny. cool car tho.
  10. Third gen eclipses suck. They lost all the performance, completely changed the suspension, and made them ugly.
  11. ^^^


    I'm not a huge Mitsubishi fan, but for the sake of performance, I'd get a 2nd generation Eclipse GSX. Shitty motors, but if you got money to drop into them they can definately move.
  12. yeha i shoudl fuckin get a bunch of shit, one thign i am deifnitly gunan do is find a place to rip under the seats where nobody searchign the car woudl see and dig out a hidden compartment to store my weed so if i get pulle dove ri can hide it....any ideas on where to do that and how exactly?

  13. I have a van w/ ghetto duct taped seats and I just cut an extra slit right on the side and kinda sewed a cloth bag in. insert weed and a small pipe and cover w/ another piece of duct tape. voila.
  14. My dad bought me a lexus for getting a full scholarship to Michigan State University its got windows that are tinted so darkly you cant see anything inside from the outside plus its a beautiful car and its small so you can hotbox it like you wouldnt believe

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