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Discussion in 'General' started by pEtEy_p_ct, Apr 16, 2006.

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  1. title is self explanatory really. rate the signature above you! =)
  2. lame and boring

    p.s. this should be in general
  3. Family Guy is so cool; I like how you edited the paper.
  4. cool.. original and to the point
  5. ^^^^^^^^
    Great Sig Its Hilarious:hello::smoking:

    Edit didnt get it fast enough this^^^ was suposed to be for thisisnotreal but i like skittles to it is simple and to the point
  6. Over the size Limit... ;):p
  7. no sig to comment on. :confused_2:
  8. is that better or is it still to big:cool:
  9. no one rated yours so i\'ll do the honors!

    haha it\'s great. busted is an awesome video that everyone needs to see, and immortal technique kills it. big ups!
  10. i dont get the whole \"thisisnotreal\" part and family guy sucks bawls but the whole vegan thing is pretty funny
  11. ^What the fuck are they doing? lol, interesting when your high
  12. ^^^ reminds me of evil kinevil.

    Those kids are going nuts on that box. I starred at it for like 5 minutes
  13. lol i love lil jon...

    but i dont get the fuckin eggs... :confused:
  14. nice bob marley ^^
  15. well its metal so im gona have to say u should invest in some glass :rolleyes:
  16. I wish I could see that DARE signature more often because actual DARE is the worst, lol.
  17. ^^^ Lots of good info!
  18. great size and composition.
  19. Simple, but elegant. Idk though, it doesnt catch my eye like a pic should i guess

    and + rep to this is not real!, thats hilarious.
  20. not to much there....but i like the saying about school.
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