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    First time grower here. Im trying to grow some medicine for back and joint pain. You are looking at 6 Purple Kush's and 1 OG Kush. They started veggin May 5th so thats 33 days into flowering in these pics. 4 of the PK's got put into 2 pots because of me being broke and not having room for them in the original box. They are in the front and substantially smaller as you see.

    Im using 2 400 watt HPS, 4 90 watt CFLS and 1 70 watt hps. Botanicare Pro Blend Bloom and Budswel at around 1400 ppm and keeping that ph around 6(hard to tell with a gay test liquid instead of the digital reader).

    My questions are,

    1.) How would you rate my grow? (Lights, nutes, ect)

    2.) Judging from the pictures, how much do you think my yield will be?

    3.) If I turn down my AC to 65 degrees for the last week will it give my a nice purple color to my PK's. (already starting but I really want to shock people)

    Thats about it, any questions for me and comments are greatly appreciated.


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  2. i cant answer too many of your questions BUT regarding purple kush; it yeilds, and it yeilds realllllyyy good. I find if you flowere her for :eek:10 weeks it goes very purple, this is soil and no co2 mind you. also that extra 2 weeks they put on alot of weigh/ crystal/tastet. i dunno if thats tin foil in ur pics but try mylar or i personally like panda tarp (black 1 side, white other).
  3. For a first time grower, I think you've done a phenomenal job! Very commendable... Can't wait to see your next grow! Keep up the good work:)

  4. Thank you, here is what I have planned.

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  5. Looks like you're enjoying your new hobby. The grow looks great. Definitely drop the temps and push harvest to encourage purpling. Keep it up!
  6. Props and a +rep for a job well done!
  7. Thank you all for the compliments. Im having trouble with my gay camera getting good pictures, but here are a few.

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  8. Started a new batch of medicine today. Sour Grape. 10 maybe 11(2 got fucked up by the Rottweiler, 1 might live) of 12 I started with.

    You are looking at 3/4 foam board insulation ducted to the wall and a top on it so as to seal in/out the light. There is a hole cut for a cheap box fan that is ducted to my shiny new air conditioning. Im vegging with a 400 watt mh and will have a air pump with air stones in these buckets as soon as the root start popping out the bottom of the pots.

    I'm going to start a journal, but for now any input anybody has based on these pics would be appreciated.:hello:

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  9. With all the improvised shit, that looks like my first indoor grow. And the electrical tape over the light switches, classic. Was that instinctive or did you learn the hard way? Everything seems to be on track.
  10. I learned the hard way. I mean I knew but my room mate didnt know he wasnt supposed to touch.

    Yes Very VERY improvised. I think the grand total of this whole operation(both grows) is hovering around 500 bucks, all the lights were free, just had to buy air pump and stones with some nutes. Throw in a little hydroton and nutes with some free lights and you got yourself a cheap set up.

    I had to cover the white foam board with trash bags because of light penetration. The fan system though has to be my crowning achievement, that room has got to be 70-75 degrees, very comfy for the already more green and healthy Sour Grape clones.
  11. Dude. Very Nice first grow.:D Mine's in the ground, and I miss the control of indoors. But, it's coming along. Great work though..

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