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Rate my pick up

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Ninjahorse, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Hey I was told this is Jack Herer, It smokes great and was only 60 for a Quarter. What do you all think of the quality and the price?
  2. Mmmmmmm. tastyyy

    looks dank to me and for only 60, what a steal. Id buy that shit for 60 a quarter all day.

    stay high
  3. Definitely worth 60 a Quarter.
  4. wow thats worth 120 a Q here haha, good shit
  5. Woah good pickup and good deal on the price :D
  6. That is a steal at that price... enjoy that.

  7. Yea thats the same price in my area for something like that, I hate those prices

  8. Same man that's a killer deal
  9. 12.54308950e/10

    Dank nugs and awesome price. I'm going to Harvest Fest tomorrow, we'll see what I can scrounge up there haha.
  10. ur coming all the way from NY to maine for harvest fest? fuck i should of went this year im in maine for christ sake.

  11. Na, I wish I could go to the one in Maine. There's a NY Harvest Fest like 45 minutes away from me.
  12. :eek: Dude thats like a half ounce. Unless it the lightest shit in the world?

    Put it next to a quarter for me.
  13. Dangggg 60 a Q? For that juicy goodness? Definite deal! Kudos.
  14. Damn Canadians, haha you guys get such great bud a the price of higher grade besater in america! Stay high mate and GREAT Price/quantity pcikup!
  15. Damn good lookin smoke and damn good price i can tell ya know. If i could get that round here for that price i would be happy as fuck
  16. yea thats a FATTTTT looking quarter lol. Looks more like 10 or more grams.... sick price, im damn jealous of you. +rep for sure.

    edit: wtf is this bumped for. lol :bongin: damn stoners
  17. get me a Half pound and send that up to me. dang i need hookup agains. lol looks amazing. and cheap.
  18. Quality = 6/10 but price for that quality =10/10.

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