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Rate my joint?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sgtbagel, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. hey gc, i am fairly new to rolling since i usually smoke out of glass, and i was wondering how well my rolling is compared to other new rollers. any criticism will be accepted :)

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  2. I'd smoke it with ya
  3. That's not bad dude, 7/10. How long have you been rolling? Pretty good for a rookie.
  4. i've been rolling for around 1 month
  5. Pretty good for a rookie. Practice makes prefect.
  6. Nice, smoke worthy joint. 7/10

    Try rolling your filters along with the amount of herb you've got. For example, you rolled your filter larger than the beginning so it didn't make it look any better, but that's minor stuff.

    That + Roll tighter + less wrinkles = 10/10

    You're on a good path though :)
  7. good start
  8. Nice joint my friend! I'd smoke the shit outa it with you!
  9. looks pretty average for a new user. Got a long way to go :p good luck!
  10. looks alright.
    you'll get it down to a science.
  11. Well.. at least it looks much better than mine, well done. :eek:
  12. 7/10 definately better than mine.
  13. *Shrugs* I'd smoke it lol.

    I've never been able to roll freehand anyway. I always just used a dollar bill.
  14. Just a tip. see how it looks a tad skinny at the end? Next time you roll one poke the weed down with a pencil then twist it, that looks like it'd canoe as soon as you light it.

  15. 4/10. Let me start of by saying its great for your first few rolls, and compared to the newer rollers your definitely on the right track. You can tell from the joint that you might be a tad bit rough with it, so try not to man handle it. Like I said you are on the right track and all you can do is practice practice practice.

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