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Are Rasta's the Black man's Supremacist organization?

  1. No. ... They are peace loving reggae fans... just like the rest of us.

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  2. Yes. ... The black man and his culture should be feared for he is unknown!

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  1. I'm fed up with people (usually whites, but that might only be because they are the majority here) slagging off Rastas for being black supremasists... as if they are the Black version of the Nazis! from my experiences this is far from the truth. They do not have a racist zenophobic attitude to others. They do not want the genocide of all those unlike them. So why is it that i keep hearing people dissin them?!? (and it's not only the rednecks)
  2. I don't know much about Rastafarianism, but I'm sure most people would know if they were a "Black Power" group....

    You hear about these things, you know?
  3. I love rastafarians (sp?)

    I myself am interested in the culture/religion

    I would like to know more about it

    we are all the same inside..we need to put away this black/white shit. I'm sick of it..we are all people.

    one love
  4. I've never talked to any Rastas so I couldn't comment. BUT IMHO:
    I don't beleive in Black Power
    Don't beleive in White Power
    Don't beleive in Girl Power
    Don't beleive in Boy Power
    I beleive in purple power... uhhh people power. Shit were all just different sides of the very multisided coin... It's just that some cannot see it.
  5. I said definitely NO. Rastafarians are very interesting, I read a little about them a long time ago, and I truly don't think they're evil in any way whatsoever, and more like crusaders of peace as a longterm goal.

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