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  1. Any others identify themselves as a rasta? I've been self educating but would love to learn more first hand about the rastafari way of life.

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  2. Poser.

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  3. So if someone is curious about a religion, group, or organization they're a poser?
  4. OP, I suggest going to a rastafari forum.

    People will answer whatever questions you might have.

    This place has mostly atheist and libertarians.
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  5. Liberterianism is a religion?

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    it is here ;)
  7. No I just don't understand how sopmeone could follow a religion where racism is so prominent.

    Nobody in their right mind would support this religion if Bob Marley wasn't so influential on the wanna-be hippies of todays age.

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  8. Why do you want to follow Rastafarinism? Please dont say because it calls for smoking weed because news flash they are not the first nor will they be the last.

    It's okay to learn about it but dont follow it for cannabis smoking reasons.

    Shit even people who live in Jamaica barely follow it lol
  9. Is Rastafari a racist belief?

    It glorifies Africa and the desendents of Africa but is that any worse than suggesting the son of God looks like a white person?

    Would there be half as many Christian if they were asked to worship a Jesus who looks like Wesley Snipes?

    Yet there are plenty of black people who worship a white Jesus without blinking.
  10. Well it goes far more than just saying that Jesus was black, which in all actuallity, is more probable than a white jesus. They believe white people are inferior to black people because black people are reincarnated Isrealites. Anybody who isn't black isn't good.

    But we all know it's more probable that black people were around long before the Isrealites.

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  11. There's a difference between saying blacks are the chosen people and saying all races are inferior to blacks.

    Judiasm says Jews are the chosen people. No one calls that religion racist.
  12. They do believe all other races are inferior tho.

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  13. If there was a cult leader back in the day. Yes he would be black based on the demographic of the area. White people make everything else white to appease the common public.
    Funny too, I'm white but understand how fucked up color has been represented.
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    I take back the statement that rastas believe blacks are the chosen people. The actually believe all races are children of Jah (God).

    They also believe African areas that are Holy and advocate African unity and social justice.

    Some rastas might be racist but they don't speak for the entire religion. There are racist Christians also.
  15. As far as I know, rastas believe Christ's second coming was Haile Selassie. Basically, they're Christians but crazier and instead of Jews, blacks are the chosen people. Not sure how accurate this is...
  16. So what does reefer have to do with the religion?
  17. Throwing out my opinion but probably one of the most ridiculous religions. Don't get me wrong all religions are ridiculous.
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    Bit many Rastas anymore according to Jamaica's census in 2001.....In the 2001 Jamaican census, 24,020 individuals (less than 1 percent of the population) identified themselves as Rastafari.
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    Try replacing the word reefer with entheogen. This might give you an insight into why it became one.
    Remember, religion is just people coming together to share the experience they have, and then forming a club out of it. It doesn't have to become the bloated, corrupted thing the institutionalised multi-national ones have. Religion, back in the day, and in many ways how it still is for some today, is a simple, natural, dogma-free gathering of like minded people, connecting with and celebrating what they feel to be real.
  20. talk about redefining words


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