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Glass Pipe or Swisher Sweets??

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  1. Swisher sweets

  2. Glass pipe

  1. Hi there so i hace three plants this year but in this thread our main focus is RASKAL OG. This is by far a wierd strain to grow, very picky! At the moment were in week 4 of flower but heres where it gets tricky, some branches have produced more bud sites and density then others espeacilly at the verry tippy top of the plant theres almost no bud formation!!!?? Why!!! Also i have researched the hell out of SINGLE BLADED LEAVES IDK if this is a good thing or bad but for know im just gonna continue flower nutes and continue growing them until my eyes say harvest im trying to count by weeks but i just feel like they wont put density into the buds im using the fox farm trio and i have them outside 12/12 duh and reg water hopefully i will wake up one morning and the buds will finally have filled in idk...2nd year grower here

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