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  2. I would like to see a babooninus rex.
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  3. LMAO....ME TOO
  4. Youtube full of crazy shit
  5. I want a savannah cat! GIVE ME THE KITTY!!:mad::roflmao::jump:
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    Ok, you screwed up posting this. Now I'm going to have to blow your mind.

    There's very good scientific evidence that humans are actually a primate/pig hybrid. Chew on that for a while. Hybrids between vastly different species are much more common then we like to think. This is likely the missing component in evolution theory that can't explain why new species suddenly appear in the fossil record and then remain basically unchanged for the most part until they are extinct.
    Macroevolution.net - Biology, hybrids, human origins and more

    Human hybrids - Mammalian Hybrids
    Human sperm can bind and penetrate pig egg cells

    The zona pellucida (ZP) is the outer layer of a mammalian ovum (female germ cell). The following is copied and pasted from the section entitled "Human Sperm Are Able to Bind to Pig ZP and Undergo the AR" in Canovas et al. (2007), who state that "The results shown in this work indicate that human spermatozoa can bind tightly to the ZP from in vitro matured pig oocytes. Besides, the induction of the human AR when human sperm were incubated with pig oocytes for 2.5 hours indicated that the binding was active and it led to AR." (AR stands for acrosome reaction. The acrosome reaction is the process by which a spermatozoon penetrates an ovum.) Pigs are not the only non-primates to whose ZPs human sperm will bind, however, in the present context, they seem to constitute the most germane example."

    Here's a link to a great podcast that has an interview with Eugene M. McCarthy Phd. He has a Phd and masters in genetics. He's spent over 30 years putting together the info on that site. This info has been freaking me out since I heard it.
    #232 – Grimerica Talks Hybridization, Stabilization, and Macroevolution with Eugene McCarthy Phd
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  8. It really doesn't matter how rare these things are. In mathematics if there is any probability however slight if you repeat enough it will eventually happen. When you talk on a geologic time scale many things are possible. Orangutans reproduce by rape and new evidence suggests that they are our closest relative and not chimps as was thought for years when you look at certain traits of the orangutan.
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  9. Very good scientific evidence

    When they do a scientific study, very good is what they are looking for

    Much like my dog is a very good boy, and I can prove it!
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  10. An open mind is a wonderful thing. Try it some time. Check out the podcast or the link. The guy is legit. This theory is legit. It's just hard to open your mind to it.
  11. Humans have misconceptions about hybrids that come from our past and possibly religious dogma. They are much more possible then people know. The chicken can cross with over 70 birds considered different species including the turkey.
  12. I've read all the human pig hybrid bullshit conspiracies since like 2008 and they have done fuck all but prove people are easily tricked which in itself would be an interesting case study

    "How many people will believe the next dumb thing I can veil in vague science and hope no one really looks into" lol

    You know they can put pig heart parts into humans..... OMG human pig hybrids for pres 2020!!!
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  13. There are over 100 traits that we share with the pig that humans don't share with any other primates. Our very close genetic trait relationship with the pig in particular has never really been adequately explained by science.

    One of the best examples is humans and pigs have a completely unique kidney structure that is found in no other animal including all primates. I'm not talking similar. They look the same. People have been given pig heart transplants. I can go on if you want. We have a blood vessel and fat layer structure unlike any other primate. It's just like the pig. The vessels run perpendicular to the skin surface through a fat layer that can be contracted when cold to limit heat exposure. People have been given pig skin grafts. Primate skin grafts don't work because the blood vessel structure, fat layer, and muscles under the skin surface are completely different.

    Why is all that true if we don't have an incredibly close genetic relationship with the pig?
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  14. Where is Ron Burgundy when we need him?
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  15. These are called facts. Not sure where the conspiracy theory police came from but I'm discussing facts.
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  16. We share a good bit of genetic code with bananas too, and a ton of similarities with rats, in terms of the cerebral cortex....

    Where is that represented in your argument?
  17. Hybrids, in order to ever become viable must backcross with the parental species. In doing so by just a few generations the genetic codes become very similar. Similarity in genetics is a very bad way of disproving hybridization when you consider backcrossing with either parental species any number of times before a viable population of hybrids splits off and become stable genetically. Once they can reproduce reliably the population can quickly explode and a new species is born.
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  18. So you think we share a common ancestor with swine and ape?

    Or that we can breed with them?
  19. Both. As I mentioned before if something can happen in math if you give the possibility long enough it will happen. You don't think a monkey would screw a pig or that the sperm could ever combine with the egg? Have you seen monkeys at the zoo? Orangutans have actually been known to rape people. Julia Roberts was almost raped by one.

    We are talking millions of years to billions or more scale. It's already been proven that human sperm can start a pig embryo dividing.

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