Rappers that smoke weed

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    Name all the rappers that you know smoke weed and which rapper do you believe smokes the most weed
  2. It would be easier to make a list of the ones that didnt lol, but Snoop, three 6 mafia, 8ball and MJG, Rick Ross, Redman, Methodman, DMX, Lil Wayne, Birdman ....
  3. I'm pretty sure they all do.
  4. It might be easier to make a list of those who DON'T smoke weed.
  5. anyone who's not a bitch is kickin it

  6. I agree.
  7. How about a list of rappers who DON'T smoke weed so that I can delete them from my iPod.
  8. 50 haha
  9. haha like all of them smoke weed... :smoke:
  10. rappers that dont:
    andre 3000 doesnt anymore, he used to though
    50 cent doesnt even though he makes songs about it....fuckin poser

    thats all i could think of
  11. Lupe dosent either but yeh pretty much all rappers smoke weed.
  12. how do you know lupe doesent smoke weed? in one of his songs i was listening to he was rapping about smoking and rolling blunts.
  13. if im not mistaken kanye doesnt smoke (at least often)

  14. He's a devoted muslim, he dosent smoke or drink. And which song talks bout smoking weed?
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    I'm not even a big fan of snoop and even i know he quit smokin weed a while back...i'm just wondering how many other people are gonna list him in this post.
  16. lol snoop dogg always says he quits and ends up lasting 2 weeks
  17. I'm pretty big listener of snoop, and so am I pretty much sure that he still does. Maybe not regularly anymore, but on parties or such for sure. This is probably just what he has said to media, that he doesn't do any kind of drugs. But hell, weed ain't no drug. :smoking:

  18. Warning: some of this is a rant

    I believe Snoop respects ganja too much to play it off like that. He openly smoked bud before, why hide it now? And if you're right, and your explaination sounds quite plausable, then he's truely sold out and he's only admitting that weed is bad and yet still smoking it in private and would of course be a dirty hypocrite. There are plently of good reasons to take a break from the sweet ganj, but quitting indefinitely only shows that one believes it shouldn't be smoked at all, by anyone.

    I'd rather he quit altogether than still smoke in private just to please the anti-cannibis people. dunno about anyone else, but i'm damn tired of all the false anti-cannabis and anti-hemp info plastered all over. its all just yellow journalism and false propaganda made up by and supported by Any company that stands to suffer if hemp or marijuana were legalized.

    So sorry for ranting, i get carried away. Atleast i'm passionate about the Herb.
  19. He has kids, man. I'm sure his kids are more important to him than being able to publically smoke weed.
  20. snoop smokes more weed then prolly any of us. i think he tried to quit to be a better role model for his kids or some crap but obviously he loves his weed too much and whos to say you cant be a potsmoking crippin ass rapstar and a good role model at the same time? you know he coached kids football.

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