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  1. Hello, im new to these forums. I have been reading alot of stuff for the beginner grower and one thing that I have been told about when first becoming interestead in growing is rapid grow cycles.. I have been told a grow cycle can go from plant to harvest in 60 days if done properly with the right tools and proper care. I was just looking for some advice on this, if it is even possible if not how long a rapid grow really is in weeks. Another thing I was curious was the yeild on average of most peoples harvests per plant, again I know that veries with all kinds of things being used such as soil, ph, lighting, ect.. thank you very much and again I am new to this so please keep that into consideration.

  2. There isn't a magical shortcut but here are some things that can lead to a quick harvest.
    1 Get an autoflowering strain
    2 use DWC or another hydro system
    3 Use c02
    All these things can cut down on the time to mature buds but if we could do it "rapid" we all would.
    This is a patient mans game.
  3. I do believe although this is a valid question we would have cheaper deals on the streat plus less risk of getting caught due to the fact your turn around being quicker and therefore time between grow plus more people would do it. I think the quickest turn around anyone can get would be 10-12 weeks depending on strain and conditions in your grow environment. But im sure if I'm wrong someone will correct me.
  4. Several auto strains can be done in 65 days from sprout and yield a couple of ounces per plant. The only other way would to maintain a desperate clone/mother/veg area and keep a perpetual grow going with a quick strain you can get around 60day cycles.
  5. Flower length is genetic. No system, cycle, or gimmick can speed it up.

    You can increase veg speed (aka fill up your grow space) with certain techniques(soil recipes or hydro). But you'll never get a 60 day grow, not even from autos Imho/IME.

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