Rap I Wrote (Sound Clip)

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    Click the link, click save, save it to your desktop to listen to it, then you can delete it right after

    I dont like my voice at all yet but I have only been doing this for like a month so I'm working on it, If anyone has any advice or anything I'd really appreciate it.

    Gonna kill the beat ***** twice as good
    Next time it'll be 4 ***** knock on wood
    im just gettin high yeah countin my stacks
    and I take control just so you can relax
    wanna buy from me yeah get your coupon
    if your looking for me im the one with the crown on
    one you can count on yeah call me king
    always been the king so i take center of the ring
    And I got flow like Waynes got bling
    and imma bring it back late winter early spring
    Smoke so many blunts my face starts to melt
    and you know im all gold like a champions belt
    if hip hop is dead yeah im here to ressurect it
    and you know im the best cause all the eggs in my basket
    and thats an expression for you fools dont understand it
    but i come to your door, kill you, then take your casket
    and why you gotta throw shit in my plans like a ratchet
    yeah thats anotha expression for you *****s didnt catch it
    smoke so much weed i feel like the time freeze
    or maybe thats the syrup let me get another cup please
    call that shit turtle time but had too many of theese
    so i put the cup down like my roof so i can feel the breeze
    pick it back up and drink on that shit
    now im feelin slo mo like i tivo'd that bitch
    what you lookin at ***** its grape juice its nothin
    then i get back to my robotussin
    I know that shits bad but theres shit worse
    lil cough syrup not gonna put me in a hearse
    and after a bottle freestyles sound like they rehearsed
    yeah it opens my mind how you think i wrote this verse

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