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Rap battle anyone?

Discussion in 'The Musician in U' started by TokingToker, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. 6th graders dude

    that was my point
  2. lol dude

    actually it was the ashes of helpless sacrificial virgins

    go fuck your cd collection

    blalalalalalala that's for your pussy and teh lulz
  3. Now now fellas. :smoking:
  4. not my fault he got slammed his troll dick in a window
  5. You suck dude. I could break you, and I am a white boy lol

  6. Talkin about people who can't rap? I tore you ass apart a few pages back. This wasn't meant to rhyme but I got it like that.
  7. Buddlove, you act and talk, just like a bitch
    Quit lying to them hoes, tell the truth you aint shit
    Now I dont want to waste too much time on your fit
    Now that I think about it, fuck you, time for a hit.
  8. hey bud, it was love you were deprived of,
    lay you on your back, crew screamin thuglove,
    oppression is what you seek? rhymes and flow is what your free of,
    nikka we dont shove, we clap clap quick, with no gloves,
    all steel, see your ass watchin from above, release 3 white doves,
    this world is what your absent of,
    heres my dick cuz, ill give ya somethin to take hold of
  9. time for a rap,,,,,, im drunk as fuck
    puffin skunk, sucker punchin toys who think they rhymes bump
    got that flow that bangs louder than heavy weapons
    i got mortars stashed, a motherfucker with foul intentions
    leave you face twisted like out J's when we blaze a session
    the chronic go on and on like a perpetual grow, a real investment
    got trees, got E's, got stacks, got emcees
    bending over backwards to flip motherfuckin rhymes like these
  10. Come on GC, is this the best you got,
    Suckers talkin bout kickin ass and smokin pot
    Nobody can make it flow like me
    Got Jesus sayin W W T D
    My names Tom, you heard right Im the illest around
    Step to me incorrect, gonna bring you down
    Have the bitches, the cars and all the green
    Makin Dr.Dre jealous with my east coast scene

    Takin over your hood with the fear in your eyes
    extorting corner shops so I can steal their supplies
    got the papers on the rap and the bitches in the back
    got my homie Tee talkin smack as we bring the 70's back
    In the SS with 22 inch rims,
    Bitches say their shiny and take a look at him
    As I punch the gas you see the back crouch down
    with 700 horses Im the fastest around
    Got the rumble of the beast underneath your seat
    make your girlfriend weak, and then she skeet, skeet,skeet
    Dont worry, I make sure I rapped it,
    grab that pussy hard and then I smacked it
    Tell her when to leave
    after I had mine,
    she aint to happy how I hit it from behind
    Balls deep thats the way I go
    Like Snoop Dog said "We dont love them hoes"
    Off to get in the shower then a bowl
    light the Malboro Red then I will rest my soul
    Time to log off and say goodbye whores
    just another day in the life of reppin 304

  11. u from wv?
  12. No I pulled a Tupac right there lol.

    I am from Baltimore, but yes I live in WV.

    What part are you from?
  13. #2213 tyrone biggums, May 1, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 1, 2009
    ur names "ihugetrees".
    shits soft dude. don't type at people like you're somebody. even hippies think they're gangster in the rap thread. fuckin a

    lol at trying to correct fight cub quotes. fight club is more correct than you'll ever be in more ways than you'll ever know. ;)
  14. c-town
  15. Ruse, been outta town for ten years it seems,
    shoutin' down loud with that bitchin' steeze
    and of course I'm down to clown on bitch MC's
    cuz' most these motherfuckers been forgettin' me
    forgot about me, a lot about me,
    check the credits on the collab
    gotta shot to spot me
    as if
    got me a fat dutch
    or has the dutch got me
    I tried sobriety
    but that's JUST NOT ME
    gotta stumble to walk,
    and if I'm flyin' I'm high
    but I fucking hate airplanes
    and I'm afraid of the sky

    (there's things up there you've never even dreamed of
    never even seen them
    never even...)

    but not this guy,
    or that guy, no need to ask why
    GC is whack, why?
    because stoners can't rap, guy
    let me explain, but first...
    a snack. bye!
  16. Its been 10 years and the game has changed,
    Punk ass bitches tryin to make a name
    We have Budd to Ruse, to Chronic MC
    Aint nobody on this forum going to fuck with me
    Got a bong in my hand and a pistol in the other
    One bullet for my dad and the other for my brother
    Bout to show you fakers what im all about
    Hold really, really still and open your mouth
    but dont you dare flinch when the barrels going in
    Or my barrel will be with clogged back of the head skin
    As I pull the trigger, you hear nothing but a splat
    Now for real, which member of GC gonna fuck with that?

    Lol, sorry I used your names in there, I needed something to rhyme

  17. i guess its me, ill fuck around with you
    youre more overhyped than swince flu
    dont talk so big when youre on grasscity
    so easy to hide you femininity
    but i got a word to the other posters
    i come here to rap, not to see posts
    i want to see verses, not your juvenile curses
    reverse this and i tell ya why y'all worthless
    best thing since biggie hit your speaker
    hold onto my reign like caesar
    so great they name a haircut after me
    hell atleast a disease that kills in three
  18. Hey wait a min let me jump on this mu fuhcka
    hot damn, listen to these twiter ***** bloggin, talkn like
    they stack like the man yeah. . . Neh man you a waist, get the fuck off myspace. . . Ship zoom, gone again. And yall ponderin "what the fuck was that" ?
    Allien main man, and you can never eve ketchup, even with a footlong
    she cant catch her breath up, weezin. . . Heh nope not here but i fuckin smoke
    more than chokie da beer. . . Heh yeaaaaaaaaah yeaaaaaah
    damn song just chaaaaaaanged
    ok wait a min, let me get back on
    sorry solja boy but when i hop about the beeeeeed, swaga still swung. .
    She cryin beggin me to stay. But heeeeey..... Baby oohoooohoo ya already knoooooow. . . Whats up
    money callin names. . . And that name aint yours . . . Pussy is the curse. . . ... N money is the cures
    its like here we go again repeat the same shit man, she loves my nine inch nails inside her appendex band. She comes applaud me everyday, sayin how daddy do treat her, but first she drops to her knee's n daddy receives
    then she whipes her lips off, then her pussy recieves, and thats about the time she fuckin changed my name to god, that was blasphomous, so i struck her dead with my rod. Im a fuckin cyclops, a beast, panic repreased, if i was to stress the world could fold in half, n the masses repent.
  19. I love how I spit and no one even fucking tries... it's honestly hilarious. This thread used to be fun as shit and now it's so fucking wack,
  20. Spit shit and quit cryin bitch

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