Rap battle anyone?

Discussion in 'The Musician in U' started by TokingToker, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Test me, one at a time please. :D
  2. you want to battle on here Tokingtoker?

    You first... haha
  3. Back from the dead, haha, more like smacked in the head
    I'm a pyscho crazy nut, I'll slice your stomach and spill your guts
    Pop three rounds while you screaming on the ground
    You can't talk no more when you dead
    You cant walk no more when you dead
    This is the shit, this is melee, this is new jersey, go back to LA
    Mic is smoking, better spit it before you choking.
  4. Oh no tokingtoker thinks he can rap
    but It took him half n hour to write 7 lines of crap!
    you get stoned alone alot, and this I'm sure
    My hooks are a lure, my rap is more mature
    and your
    messing with the wrong rapper
    I'll smack ya faster than you can smack me, your rap is tacky
    people read that shit and can only say exactly!
    I'm not here looking for your appeal,
    this is just to see if these potheads can see the real.
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  5. dog, you don't want beef it's bad for your cholesterol
    Your a bitch like a christmas tree, I come up and hang my balls.
    Now bitch, your watching me stomp you, look what 5 bucks at the dollar tree got you
    I don't smoke alone, But I talk to your mom at night over the phone.
    Your raps mature, bitch don't make me roll on floor
    Potheads see all the real, cause I'm coming for the steal
    My fists will swarm, you'll think its a fucking thunderstorm
    n!ga in the hype
    todays the first day of the rest of your life as a regular joe, with a regular flow
    So I'll take a big mac no pickles
    and a regular coke.
  6. Shit you think you the big deal?
    I will eat you up like a fucking meal!
    Take your ass down
    and make you look like a clown.
    And once you see, just who I be,
    Shit will stick to your head
    and torment you till you dead.
    so show me your best
    cuz you wont pass this test.
  7. Oh no, look
    Get this kid a fucking happy meal
    So i can get back to robbing his stereo
    Take your test, shit man you already know I'm the best
    Talkin to a straight up pyscho
    I'll blow your brains out and eat them like its stew
    But you wouldn't know since your lyrics make you sound like your two
    So eat that happy meal and come back when you for real.
  8. TokingToker has potential
    but its filler,
    Bullshit, acting like killer, like you pull quick
    its just foolish spit, your shit
    Right now- your probably falling down a ladder
    don't waste your lungs when theres no rungs its just splatter!
    glad this isn't live
    you spit so much bullshit
    when you pass it back I gotta wipe off the mic cap
    And I don't like that
    cocky rappers get it the worst
    and I'll be leaning over you asking if it hurts
    when it happens
    your not rapping, its more like slacking
    its got me laughing
    talking about new jersey and LA
    what you trying say?
    I'm from Canada, eh!
  9. This kid has game, but not enough, I'll put him to shame
    I'm a serial killer master material thriller
    If you say I'm fake you... must be baked!
    Your head is wack, oh gee... you smoking that crack?
    He's from canada, saying hes a rapper
    But they still call the toilet a crapper.
    I asked for a big mac and a coke
    You ain't even get it, your a fucking joke
    I bet he's tired from working at mcdonalds
    And wonders why he still lives with his mama
    With all those clothes on I bet this motherfucker looks like osama.
    You know I'm street
    I pack heat longer than shaqs feet
    You already know you got your ass beat
    So why dont you take a seat?
  10. Well Im impressed with what you had just written
    My interview at Mcds is tomorrow but I'm already sitting
    And all the clothes I'm wearing , I wear cuz I got no heat
    Its pretty shitty in my city now who's the one thats street
    Oh and I live at my pops, but hes never hear,
    plus he lets me grow my crops! and we both brew beer
    I have nothing to fear
    Most poeple don't shit about my country
    come here to fight me and you'd freeze solid before you punched me
    dress you like a girl do your hair with scrunhy
    Call me a the Crazy Canadian Pot Junky
    I spit no Bullshit, my methods remain funky
    Your lucky,
    that you haven't mad me mad
    I get glad
    by making others sad -
    See that shovel in my trunk?
    No its not for snow, its for stupid rapping punks!

  11. Your smoking weed when you ain't got heat
    No wonder your ass is street
    Living in your home must be beat
    This guy takes rhymes from commercials
    No wonder why hes a fucking emo, all anti social
    We got a white boy trying to rap
    But he fucks his sister, this motherfuckers wack
    Crazy lunatic trying to rap better than me
    He does heroin with a spoon and bic
    Your probably as skinny as a stick
    I won't need to punch you when I hit you with a brick.
  12. Did I make you upset?
    Your lack of self respect is a direct
    indication that your hatin
    on me cuz I write intelligent rap, what the fucks up with that?
    And what commercials, I don't watch TV
    I don't have cable so wheres your ryhmes from... G?
    listen to me, your making idle threats
    You got terrats? Yeah
    I'm skinny, and I guess you got breasts?
    tell me again, who is the best?
    How'd you know I'm white?
    check my profile cuz you ran out of stuff to write?
    All the while super sucking on your pipe
    Nervous you will loss this battle, hands shaking while you type
    I got you right?
    Your just like that -
    you can't dis on matt
    You say what you say and then I say fuck that!
    Top it, but don't go off topic
    Your gonna choke soon and theres no way to stop it.
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  13. Why wouldnt I hate
    When it takes you 20 minutes to think and write
    Do you really think I'd know if you were white
    Of course! Cause you cant even fucking rap straight
    Your rhymes are cheesy, your flow is easy
    So why dont you take a step back and please exscuse me
    Hell yeah I got breast, I'm touching your womans chest
    I can smoke on my pipe, cause I can make my money
    I'll pay your girl to lick it, I'll be like, go ahead honey!
    You see this between my index and ring?
    It's my bird, thats what I think about all your words
    You couldnt crush me, you cant even touch me
    You just love me.
  14. I see why you think I rap simple
    I'm to advanced,
    and you can't read!

    But I don't need
    to justify
    You suck
    So I separate my ryhmes
    so your little mind
    won't get stuck
    Besides I'm not saying I'm the best
    but you are, blind just like the rest
    lets go get a second opinion
    cuz we've been rapping and shit but we both think we are winning
    I think its clear who has more good stuff
    even a retard could rap like hes all tough
    your a big bluff
    I'm guessing your under twenty
    Cuz your not just saying stupid shit, your giving us plenty
    Do remember in my first
    about how long it took you to write back
    Don't give me no crap
    about 20 minutes
    fucking forget it
    if this is all I was doing tonight that would be pathetic
    What you up too?
  15. Shit I think you just have no idea.
    Hell is the place i'll cya.
    After I take you out 1, 2 shots no doubt
    cuz my hands be to quick for ya
    And deep down you know you don't have it in ya
    to really see what's in my head,
    and with that being said,
    I will leave this thread,
    cuz really I think it's for special ed.
  16. Ayo alice, please go back to wonderland
    i dont really mean to diss you and i hope that you will understand
    but cat your wack rap is givin me a heart attack
    you can't rip on the mic without the skills you lack
    and whenever i smoke blunts, im always the one that rolls
    i like cash in my pocket but i keep it out my bowls
    i dont want to have to stomp you pussy ass weasles
    cause me and my dude picked up an 8th of diesel
    and shit is lemon fresh its got me stoned off my ass
    but still fresh enough to kick a freestyle and relax...
  17. if you wanna battle
    ill make yo head rattle
    and leave you without a paddle
    while im learnin how to saddle
    your mom.
    Pt 2.-
    if you think that your the best
    then you should retake the test
    cause i got A's in the mail
    and all you did was fail
    so imma have to pay your bail
    since youll be in jail
    and yo mommas broke
    and your friends still choke
    when they smoke the green
    your still a rookie
    think its cool to play hookie
    just go become a bookie
    and ill be bringin in some nookie
    grow upchuck
    and i dont mean vommit
    gimme a target and imma bomb it

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    you need some more cocoa butter
    to wipe on your head
    i dont know what goes on in there
    you might awready be dead!
    cuz you donno how to grow
    and you roll reallllly slow
    hah tryin to dis your only bro
    for dolla yo ass will blow!
    like the big bad wolf
    tryin to get some sausage.
    are you even black
    cause you dont got a 6pack
    mabey of some smirnoff
    bitch you got better grammer than webbster
    you shoot a free throw like shaq
    your getto game is whack
    and hey fool i am a cloud
    and you are not at my level
    my truck is gettin loud
    your still dancin with tha devil
    your only check is wellfare and child support
    while i cash my paycheck and light up a newport
    jk ciggs are bad and so is the pope
    down with dope, N up with hope

    im white to the bone
    got a bad bitch on tha phone
    your momas on the other line screamin come home!
    im uncomfortable sittin on this throne
    jus blew 2 bleezies to the dome
    and hey ya guess what
    its exactly what you got
    you might of forgot
    that you dont smoke pot
    and i hold a lot
    make your brain rot
    my rhymes are sooper dooper
    you carry a pooper scooper
    cause your rhymes are shit
    leave a taste in ma moth make me wanna spit
    like your girl and yo momma
    im osama and imma bomma
    when you feel like hustlin
    gimme a call
    cause i run track
    and can find the 8ball
    i got a motor
    yo ass got a bike
    my ass needs a mic.
    your girl is a dike?
    keep watchin "like mike"
    i hate when you say mac
    cause i never know if its the one with n'cheese on the pack
    or the big one that comes with fries and a drink
    you need a bowflex
    lookin like a burnt up trex
    without the teeth and claws
    your just to damn soft
    went on a diet but i see your off
    your moms callin bye "cough cough"

    get some new rhymes
    cause youve commited some crimes.
    you said the same shit in our battle
    your like a baby with a rattle.
    i hope you realize
    that your rhymes are real lies.
    you need to recognize that i got you beat
    deja vu? exactly, this shit is a repeat
    so go ahead and plead defeat
    get on your knees, off of your feet.
    and do what you do best
    you failed your first test
    cause you got caught for piracy
    a battle between you and me?
    we know what the outcome will be.
    im gonna put it plain and simple
    your set is fake
    you might be baked
    go ask god to forsake
    because imma earthquake
    your just a mistake
    im munchin on some pancakes
    while your writing down my lines
    i know your fate
    i finish my plate
    and wipe my face
    your a disgrace
    please stop rappin
    cause im tired of trappin
    you in your lies
    tummy full of pies
    and a heart full of tries
    you need a better disguise
    if you dont wanna get caught
    for stealin my plot
    your rhymes will rot

    charles stop stealing my words
    yuor being a pretender
    get real
    be you

    it took you an hour to reply
    now im gonna make you cry
    lay in some grease your bout to fry
    your frontin like your hard
    but you still got your v-card
    and your rhymes are from a retard
    gonna call me queer
    you take it in the rears
    after a couble beers
    from one of your peers
    somethins in your eye, i think its a tear
    you need to realize im your biggest fear
    sorry but your still not real
    cause your still tryin to steal
    first you need to learn how to deal.
    cause nickle and dimes is chump change
    your house is a dump make it go bang bang.
    hah you about to fall
    to your knees
    cause i am a wall
    pay your fees
    dont try to ball
    pretty please
    ill leave tracks on your face
    cause im running you over
    im winning the race
    you need a 4 leaf clover
    i set the pace
    you follow like rover
    just like a dog
    you still lost in that fog?
    cause your not catchin up
    im ready to dine
    your like a little pup
    and i am a k9
    i leave you behind
    eating my dust
    blame it on rust
    im a vetren dont try to bust
    bye bye
    dont try and fly
    cause noone will sigh
    your goin to jail
    cause you committed suicide
    and you owe me for the ride
    leave with some pride
    im not on your side
    atleast you tried?

  18. + rep.
  19. Yo Ruse don't read shit that
    bitch MCs spit, you might as well quit
    if you ain't legit
    rep GC with the shirt on my back
    don't fuck with yay and I don't smoke no crack
    but as a matter of fact
    I'm an addict
    used to have 14 Neville's growin' in the attic
    my blazing, dude it's anything but sporatic
    I got drug tests, I make sure I get my practice
    back on topic, what was it?
    I don't know, I forgot it
    well fuck it, let the rhymes pile up
    like tears in a bucket
    if it was a crime to rhyme I'd be doin made time
    because I learned from Sage, Immortal, and Sublime
    if it wasn't legit to spit you'd get community service
    I got rhymes so pricey I buy rap insurance
    what time is it?
    can't tell
    I've been rappin' a spell
    ain't got no records to sell
    and I'm tired as hell
    bitch you take the mic
    and let me hit this L
  20. Some of you guys are pretty good, dead, ruse, clipse

    As for the battle with me and back, idk who wins so like he said someone else should pick.

    Anyone else want to pull me out, give me your beat.:cool:


    Look at this guy making 3 stories of crap
    somebody give this guy a hard wakeup slap
    oh no wait! somebody take that back!
    Chop his fucking head off put it in your house
    for a memory of a fucking retard
    this guy makes 50 cent look like a hero
    ill put a whole entire bet of zero
    On this white rapping robert de niro.

    PS everyone knows a rap battle is a minute
    So what were you thinking with those extra 40 minutes

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