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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blackhills420, May 11, 2011.

  1. I just want to say, no matter whom the president is, it takes more then that for something to become legal. I wish some people, like the guy who started the thread "marijuana will be legal in 2 years!" thread would understand government. I would just like to say that the government is a lot more dirty and complex then most think.
  2. How dirty and complex are they?

    Please, share your inside information to us all...We're very interested.

  3. I love you Oscar.
  4. Complex meaning, Obama can't just say "Marijuana is legal" and boom its a done thing. No, he must contact a committee within the house of congress, to meet and write up a bill. The bill must then be voted for or against by two different parties, whom won't vote for the opposing parties bills. The reason for them not voting for the other parties bills are beyond me, I mean they are voted into office to better the nation, and their respective states. You think a senator from a farming state would vote yes for federal aid to farmers, but doesn't because he is a democrat and not a republican.

    The original health care bill was around 750 pages, the finished product is over 2000. Estimated that 2/3 of the congressmen and senators, that are paid to do exactly this, didn't even read the bill. On bills like this, that are almost guaranteed to pass, the house of congress adds a lot of bull shit. They add personal perks, for their state, or for other reasons, so if it passes, it is then law that they receive what is put into the bill.

    just high and frustrated with government. wish that we could pull an egypt. i don't think that a constitution written 230 years ago should be our main guideline of rights. Especially in this corrupt nation. It sucks that the people don't have enough power, like they did when the prohibition of alcohol ended, civil rights, women rights. I think people lost the power to influence the feds.
  5. Yeah I agree with you. The process to legalize marijuana will take some time, its not like the president has control over things like that. The president cant simply say "let there be legalization of marijuana" it doesn't work that way. It takes the peoples votes, our nation is running because of the citizens, we have the power and its up to us to change the laws.

  6. The people have had their power stripped, raped, then raped again and mutilated. We just don't have the same rights today that we did then, but even then, if all of the change that happened during the civil rights movement led to this...What did the movement really change?

    Sure, Africans aren't nearly as chastised simply because of their ethnicity, but now it is people of Middle Eastern decent. Instead of Vietnam we have Iraq, and instead of the National Guard shooting innocent students we have other students shooting innocent students. So, if the choices made during the 70's just led to the same thing that was seen in the 70's, was the change at all worth it?

    Our society has been fucked, will be fucked, and nothing outside of The Rapture will change that...And that's assuming that there is indeed a God. In end, we're fucked, sorry.
  7. What i'm saying is we have lost the power to change the laws.
    The first amendment includes the right to petition the government, the government also used to look at it as it was their responsibility to listen. Now, unless you are a union or corporation, good luck getting your voice heard.
  8. #8 blackhills420, May 11, 2011
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    I'm not saying it has anything to do with race now. I'm saying as a group african americans were able to stand up to the government and get what they wanted. women stood up as a group to get rights. a bunch of drunks wanted alcohol, so they stood up and go the right. americans want a lot of shit, people try to stand up, groups try to stand up, the government isn't listening anymore.

    i wasn't alive back then, i guess i have no idea what it was like. i just know right now, the something ain't fucking right.

    i'm all hashed out. haha, good ol' politics
  9. I believe if the right people got together and wrote up a bill, it could pass. If thousands of people gathered in the streets and were protesting FOR the bill (lets say the bill would legalize weed) you can bet that would influence others to come to the same and join and stand up. All it takes is one person, then another, and another. Soon a few becomes a lot and you have a huge gathering. That's what its going to have to take, everyone coming together and demanding change.

    Is that possible? I don't know. I know people want change but some don't have it in them to get up and fight. Its too easy to be a spectator and let other people do shit for you.
  10. marijuana will have medicinal marijuana legalized in all states in a short time (historically speaking). Just gotta think of some bullshit excuses to get your card once it is legalized in your state because you're never going to have marijuana legalized for recreational use unless their is anarchy and then i think you'll be worrying about more shit then just sparkin up a swisher ahahah
  11. Yeah, standing up worked out real well for the students of Kent State in 1970. No matter what every generation has their shit stains, sure some change can come from it, but the change isn't worth it if it just leads to the exact same thing. History repeating itself comes to mind...The difference is we have a multitude of media outlets today that were nonexistant during the civil rights movement and prohibition, but trust me, a lot of people lost their life during those times too we just didn't see it.
  12. I think people have tried to rally for weed. There are many people that stand out in my mind that have been pressing for it by the millions of people, both medical and recreational. NORML, Robert Newland. Idk never ending argument. Good conversation though..
    And good point, there might be more people voting, but community involvement is dwindling. Not very many people take time to even know what's gonna be on the ballet let alone know who and what is good and bad.
  13. fuck 'em
    :devious: breakin' the law, breakin' the law :devious: lol
  14. Whenever I see videos of pro-pot speakers versus retard anti-weed speakers it just goes on and on. It's like the anti-weed speakers are so incapable of opening their minds it never goes anywhere. The pro-pot speaker will say something that actually makes sense, while the anti-weed person tries to use some skewed statistics from a sketchy survey.
  15. Anti-weed people tend to be dicks anyway so do we really care if they accept what we are doing. They can go pray in church or do whatever they do, I'm gonna go smoke and have fun
  16. Why do people always assume that christians are anti-weed? And what exactly is wrong with going to church?
  17. nothing is wrong with going to church but when someone acts all holy about not smoking and shit it pisses me off. Strict christians kind of live up to the stereotype lol. I mean that 7th heaven episode where matt gets caught with a joint in the house. The dad just matches that anti weed stereotype lol
  18. Alright I can agree with you on that, but non-christians can be just as bad. I do hate it when they pull the "weed is immoral" shit, I mean god made weed.
  19. Well what Ron Paul is planning on doing is giving the state the ability to make it legal in that specific state.
  20. owned

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