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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by analisa_420, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. So I hate pot dealers.
    They think they are all on the same level as crack dealers, but really all they sell is pot and to go to prison for any long length of time is so fuckin idiotic I would just flee to like I dunno mexico or something and chill out there. I mean really. People getting sent to prison for life because of marijuana related things is the stupidist thing I have ever heard of.
    BUT anyways, I got a bit off track.
    I hate pot dealers simply because they are so fuckin cocky because they sell weed that they think that they can charge crazy amounts.
    So this is my plan...
    I'm going to become a pot dealer and whenever someone tells me that they need like and eighth or something, but are five to ten dollars short and they are usually never short or have only bought from me once I'll give them that eighth for what they have. I'll not ask them to pay me back, but I won't let mother fuckers take advantage of me either, I wouldn't do it all the time.
    And I would also charge less to my most loyal customers. Because that's what people should do, it should just be a rule.
    So I'm going to do this and I'm also going to be a pot dealer who when they say they're going to be there in 15 minutes, that they'll be there in 15 minutes.
    Instead of the customer waiting for me, I'll be waiting for them.
    When they walk out to where ever they're meeting me I'll be there, waiting to hand them a bag of goodness and they'll smile with joy and be in such shock that they don't buy from anyone, but me.
    Man if I could....
    I'd be rich
    I wish I had a pot dealer like me!
    I would do anything for a pot dealer like that!
    I also live in vegas so that could be part of the problem...cuz if you live know how I feel man.
    It's hard enough trying to find decent to find a good pot dealer is almost impossible.
  2. People are much nicer here in florida
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    I know right...
  4. That was a rant alright.....

    But it isnt fair to say all dealers are like this.....There are dealers that i totally hate but i actually have made pretty good friends with another of my dealers. We have actually hung out and gone to concerts and shit and i met him just to get weed.

    I kinda can feel sorry for dealers some times....think about it...

    They are always worried about jail time,
    they are on call pretty much 24/7 and if they ever go out of town or even away for a day there are people blowing up thier phones pissed cuz they cant get weed.
    And they are worried that they will get robbed or even killed meeting sketchy people.

    IDK, i wouldnt want to do it.....Its a hard job and i give em credit....well the ones that arent dicks
  5. dealin sucks dude, it really really sucks.

  6. Agreed.
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    some times people have bills. Dealers no bitchy customers so have fun being treated that way for awhile. If it was coke then yeah I would understand why you would need your coke right away.
  8. depends on the kind of price the dealer is getting, and if he is able to cut some slack for people who are 5 or 10 short.

    The dealer has to be able to re-up
  9. agreed
  10. me and my mates get our stuff from the same guy, you phone him, he arrives at your door with weed in hand........we call it Dial-a-dod.......the guys so cool I'm sure he's made of ice, I have in the past had to deal with assholes though, so I know where your coming from, you'd have a lot of business very fast if you were that reliable and on time.............Peace out.......Sid

  11. I don't know why you'd feel sorry for them.
    If I were ever to become a dealer I would understand the territory of becoming one before I started.
    I would understand that it's a risky job, but that's the risk I'm taking and if it got to hard then I would quit simple as that.
    It's like anyother job.
    Most jobs have you on call and I mean you if you're working a full time job which is basically a pot dealer you'd be putting in 40 hours a week.
    Maybe even more.
    You take vacations with your job and your boss will probably give you a lil hassle even if it's just joking around and who cares...the second a dealer gets back your buyin from them again.
    Bud dealing is just like any other job.
    Aside from the fact that it's illegal.
    In my opinion you picked the job you should understand what comes with it when you pick it.
    Both the pros and cons of it.
  12. I love my dealer i call him up and he says that he will be there in 10 because he lives in my neighbourhood and i get my 20$ a 1/4 shrooms, and my 90$ 1/2 o of pot. Thank jeezus for Canada.
  13. yea fuck you is all i have to say about that rant.
    if you have never been in the shoes of someone dishing it out, you have no clue.
    try living a secret life like that, while working, while maintaining family/friends/girlfriend relationships all at the same time. not to mention wanting to have your own free time.
    You sit down with your girl to watch a movie one night, and get hit up...what would you do?
    I know I would ignore the money and just be with my girl.

    For me, it's about the love and experiences that come from smoking and marijuana, i find this to be a similar mindset for many. I know I would say "fuck the money" as long as I get to smoke and if I'm busy doing other shit.

    also, you tell me how much you enjoy going to jail, and you tell me how easy it is to run off to another country to hide. once you've done those things you can explain.

    and lastly, you would never ever be one of those dealers, cutting prices and hooking people up left and right. cuz if you did, you wouldn't be smoking etc. prices are set in part to make money but also for the risk. if you were one of those dealers, and you were selling to random people and hookin them up, you wouldn't be at it long.

    ...just my .2
  14. after reading more posts, i just have to scream. your assumptions and remarks are so uneducated. you clearly have no clue what your talking about.. you have no idea what one has to go through to make things work out easily for you. the consumer is the easiest thing ever.

    someone else here has to agree with me...
  15. dude. you should just start growing. cut out the middle man :)
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    I gotta agree with Mickey on this one. Dealing is not in any way glamorous or even cool OP. You're not gonna get rich either. You can't tell hardly anyone about it in the first place because of the fact that it's illegal. You constantly have to worry if new people would narc you out if they get caught. And you sound young, don't do something that would get you prison time because you think you're doing your community a service. It's not worth it. You have the rest of your life to live, and a felony would certainly fuck that up. Even if you were making 10-20 dollars selling grams or something, would that money be worth going to jail for a year and basically being screwed out of any reputable job or school. Is that risk worth ten dollars to you? Mow lawns or make art or something. I don't know haha, just don't get wrapped up in that dangerous game.

    edit: Also, if you do this, say goodbye to your free time. And you will see the reverse side of what you had to deal with. There will be people that call you every other day for grams. Then you will post on here about how much they annoy you, because they don't buy in bulk. You will have people calling you at all different times with no regards to your "job safety" like parties and stuff. It sucks being at a party that gets busted by cops when you have a lot of bud in your bag. You will constantly be holding large amounts which is a problem in itself. People will try to steal from you. People will try to take advantage of you. Just don't fool with it.

    Not trying to be a dick. Just trying to keep it real.
  17. thank you jim, thats exactly what i was getting at. the constant paranoia, the worry. you have to completely change the way you think and live to protect yourself. you have to constantly think about the worst case scenario and what you would do to get out of it. think about the dealer with a quap of skunk in his car. he has to move slow, follow all road signs, back roads and shit. you have to think way more.

    just control the substance, don't let it control you. you sound like your fiending really bad. ration your bud, chill.
  18. OP

    Not all dealers are like that. My dealer is really nice to me, and gives me good deals. He'll give me 2 dubs for $30. If I buy a quarter ounce, he'll throw in 3 extra dubs for me.

    Also, my main connect is mad chill. I always smoke him up when I pick up every so often. He invited me to his birthday party. He plans on smoking up everyone with his personal stash, really dank strains. He didn't have to invite me, but he did. Really nice move on his part.

    You just gotta be nice to them, treat them like friends, or better let just become friends.
  19. First and only point. Why should I take a loss, risking going to jail just to go out of my way to meet some ungrateful little kid like yourself. Id neg rep you I think im just annoyed tho so I wont.
  20. dude my pot dealer is cool as shit, but I went to high school with him and we're pretty tight

    when I buy o's he always hooks me up with a bonus :)

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