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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by antwanp, May 25, 2006.

  1. Why are there idiots out there abusing what could be a great system? I just looked at my reps on the User CP and saw my usual ones, but then one stood out. A red mark. The reason you ask? Apparently someone doesn't like the fact that I drive a VW New Beetle and that I'm a male. The dickless bastard didn't even leave his name.

    Direct quote from said jackass: "unless your a girl, which your not, new beetles are for fags, you fag"

    Who the fuck cares what kind of car I drive, and I certainly didn't know that a car determined one's sexuality...

    I hope that he is killed a day before a relative's wedding or falls dead in front of his family on Christmas morning...

    Use the reps for what it was meant for. Not personal politics. Little bullshit like this just trivializes something that was supposed to recognize posts that were of value!

    Sorry... had to get that rant out.
    -Antwan L.
  2. Yeah there are ALOT of assholes on the city in myopinion but mostly cool people I'm not a big fan of bugs but if you like it then I'm down with that
  3. although i do not agree with the reason the rep was given to you, chill out man

    it is the internet, who the hell cares....seriously

    sure it is annoying and gutless for the person to not include the name, but i wouldnt worry about it too much bro
  4. I guess I do need to chill... but it was kind of unnerving to see that... I need to go out back, hang by the pool and smoke a bowl...
  5. Antwanp, this dude called Yumnugs78 had exactly the same avatar as you, he changed it now, but I thought you were him.
  6. I'm with ya man .... unfortunately the world is full of idiots (that don't think).

    Its that thing I've successfully instilled in my kids: engage the brain before the mouth (keyboard)

    Without a doubt, the world would be a more peaceful place .... and quieter :)

  7. Yeah, what he did was kinda bad. And I cant blame you for getting a little pissed. I dont expect your usually like that, just got really iritated that time. I'm usually a really quite, calm pacifist but every so often someone does something and I have to express my anger. Its good that you took it out on a post and not some oother way. Representing stoners well.
  8. From here on out, report rep abuse to me and Indy (IndianaToker).

    I just PMd someone tonight due to serious rep abuse. I was appalled when I read the comments that this member had left for others. Quite honestly, I should have banned the person immediately since they've been warned about other issues. It pisses me off that people abuse the rep system, using it to call others names, using racial slurs and just being hateful in general. It really shouldn't even be part of the City anymore.

    *edit* I ended up having to ban this member today, anyway.
  9. I just saw who left you that rep and I'm kind of surprised that it was who it was. I'll delete it for you since it was given out of disrespect and hatefulness and is considered rep abuse.
  10. GC Admins rock :gc_rocks:
  11. Son of a bitch...even worse. This member has left rep for many, many others and signed the names of other members to the negative rep given.

    I appreciate the fact that you made this thread because you've alerted me to a serious issue.

    Edit: You rock too, Tokin!!!! :D
  12. seriously they do, excluding rep system and all that...they keep this place "clean". rock on.
  13. Whats the purpose of rep? It just seems like a hassle to me.
  14. Oh man, you drive a New Beetle, WTF!? That's really fucked up, haha, just playin' man.
  15. i was gonna make my own thread but this one is close enough wat does a purple dot mean
  16. the purple dot means, that the person who gave u + or - rep didnt have enough reputation to hurt or add to yours, for instance. i have 7 bars, if someone with 1 bar + reps me, i get 0 +rep points, i get a purple dot, but if someone with say, 3 +reps me, i get like 10 points, and a green dot, if INDY or RMJL or SUPERJ +rep me, i get 100, and a green dot. Or if someone ned reps me and has like 4 or less green bars, it will be purple, i dont barely get red rep anymore just purpple.
  17. nush let me make a few corrections to your post :)

    a person with one rep bar CAN affect your rep. You only get a neutral purple bar from someone if they have not been here long enough(or made enough posts) to register for rep(i am not sure on that actual time here to affect rep)

    the more posts you have, and the more rep you have determines how much rep you can give. A person with negative rep can still give rep but it will not be a lot

    once you get to light green bars, you need 200 points to get another green bar after that
  18. psshh Mr. Tokin.

    i just didnt go into details.

  19. i guess we have to keep in mind, this is still just the internet. there is no filter for the internet...how do you think i got in:devious:
  20. *pisses pants*

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