Rant about 1 way Racism.

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  1. U know what rly grinds my gears ? I was just watching Real Sports with Brian Gumbel and he was introducing a story about the higher death rate amoung black youth then whites in drowning deaths. That wasnt the problem it was his choice of words that piss me off. He went out of the way not to say black children he used African american children then just said white kids. If he must think its proper to say african american why the fuck is it not proper to say caucasian children? Im not a raceist at all my best friends black and from haiti, im just getting sick of the one way street from all the fucking liberals.
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    Because its considered proper to say African American, thats why he said it.


    Also, conservatives would be more likely to use African American than the term "black people", so I don't know why you said you were sick of liberals at the end...
  3. i know what your saying man. In my opinion a lot of the "politically correct" practices are for the most part ridiculous
  4. "African American" is a stupid word to use to be all-encompassing. First, it implies any and all black people are from Africa. Would a Jamaican be "African American?" Second, not all Africans are black. Would it not be acceptable to call a white South African an "African American?" Finally, the term "white" refers only to skin, while "African American" refers to continent of origin and nationality. FFS, white kids are white and black kids are black, brown kids are brown, who gives a damn.

  5. i dont think it is the right thing to say
    there are many black people here who are not african
  6. [quote name='Codone']Because its considered proper to say African American, thats why he said it.

    Why wasnt proper to say caucasian? Way more proper then using white kids. And my bff from Haiti always pokes fun at African american by saying "not africa im from a smaller island".

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