Randy Johnson!!

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by CnS, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Congrats big man on 300 wins!! you may very well be the last man EVER with 300+ in todays day and age!!

    GO GIANTS!!!!
  2. Randy Johnson is one of the only guys still playing I remember watching as a Kid....

    Glad he got 300
  3. 6 foot 10...damn. did not realize he was so friggin tall.
  4. ya dude is lanky as shit, always used to seem him shambling around Seattle back in the day
  5. the next dude whos gunna win 300 games is prob in 3rd grade.
  6. Pitchers arms are worth too much already, shit kids in 3rd grade will be lucky to get outta of the 5th when there in the bigs!!

    Hell we already have a starter, reliever, mid reliever, specialist, and a GOD DAMN CLOSER!!!! Next thing you know they are going to lower the mound a couple inches for these PUSSY pitchers in todays game. What ever happened to pitching 9 ininnings at 145 pitches? these guys get to 80 regardless of inning and the manager is already up getting releivers warmed up! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  7. kids in 3rd grade have like a 40 pitch pitch-count,

    I had a pitch count of like 80 when i was playing and was like 16. It was bullshit.
  8. We should all be Randy Johnson fans. He always had the best nickname in baseball and he's the only guy I've ever seen kill an animal on the playing field of a sport.

    Glad he got to 300 wins.
  9. ^^ dave winfield did that too..
  10. yeah dude his wing span is crazy for a pitcher

    good shit on 300:yay::bongin:

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