random weed related things I have figured out

Discussion in 'General' started by Demonballer, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. 1) when i have sex stoned, it always ends up being a bit kinkier than when im sober and its great!!!:hello: does this happen to anybody else? My friend says he likes kinky shit when he is stoned also so i was just wondering if this happens to any of you.

    2) At the beggining of a smoking sesh im usually pretty shitty at smoking, like i cant take that big of hits at all but later on it the session i can smoke like champ! Is there a reason for this? Does this happen to anybody else?

    Ok i guess that is it for now... but dont you worry I will add more as soon as I think of them. Thanks for reading this completely random post! And if any of you have weird things you have realized about toking feel free to post them in here!:smoking:
  2. weed makes me more sensual. we were talking about sensuality in class. sens-ual. sex, food, music, nature, everything is just so much more wow.

  3. 1) Weed can make almost any activity feel/seem better

    2) Thats probably because of the bronchiodilatory effects of weed. THC opens up you bloodstream and opens up the alveoles in your lungs, so after the first couple of hits, your lungs open up and you can smoke better.

    Things I found out:

    Weed + Wine + Hookah = Goodness

    And + right as I was writing this (im dry right now) my buddy just called up and hes gonna come blaze my drunk ass out!!! :D :D :D :D
  4. ah ya that makes sense for sure!! thanks for the help

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