random visuals?

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  1. Well I think everyone has seen something in their perifiral vision wether a person,shadow, little dots or pixels and that weird stringy hair like thing that moves as you try follow it....

    Does this happen to you often? Im gettin scared I think I have hppd
  2. Floaters are just particles in the fluid that goes through your eyes. Your brain usually does a fantastic job of filtering this out every waking moment, but other times you being aware of them makes the brain focus in on them and not hiding them.

    You're fine
  3. i got that a lot when i was younger but not so much anymore. i think its just the liquid in your eyballs floating around
  4. Yea man I dunno latley iv been noticing it more than just that little dot flying around,, starting to do my nuts in
  5. Think of it this way, you can see shit without even having to take drugs.

    That's always a plus.

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  6. i experience what i assume a lot of people claiming to have hppd do, although i wouldnt say i have it. i think many underestimate what hppd actually is.

    i do however see patterns all the time on almost every surface. sometimes the patterns are simply "hey, these twenty dots in a field of two hundred dots form a face" and sometimes its looking at a solid color and seeing patterns that truly arent there.

    also, about half a dozen tines a day ill be going about shit and have a minor hallucination. as if you were to catch something in your peripherals except its clearly in my field of vision. ill see a cat walking around for a second or so before i realize its actually just a box on the ground and then see a box.

    idk, maybe some of those claiming hppd have more severe symptoms, but i wouldnt call what i have hppd at any rate. my mind certainly plays tricks though.
    Yep. one time I had a large one appear out of nowhere in my left eye's periphery. Looked like a giant, stringy bat. It turned out to be a small piece detached retina that tore free. It wasn't serious in my case. It eventually settled out of my field of view and no more has broken loose since. When it broke loose I saw some flashing lights for a couple seconds - then everything was cool until the floater appeared a few hours later. Mine was only visible for a day or two. I got it examined by an ophthalmologist just in case it was the prelude to some major retinal destruction was looming in my immediate future. Fortunately it wasn't and I've no re-occurrences after two years. 
    I believe floaters may be an indication of glaucoma.  Though thats only one indication.   Recently i've been told i have high pressure in my eye and may have glaucoma, so id advise anyone else to get an optical check up.   

    Used to get em once a year but havent for the past three, now this...
  9. Fuck man, that sounds painful as shit

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    No pain at all. Didn't feel a thing. Just some flashing lights and then batman streamin in from the corner of my vision like he was gonna fuck me up -  and i almost ran off the road cause I was driving at the time. :rolleyes:  
  11. The more I try to see them the more they go away.  Don't look but realize they are there.  They go away when you look at them.
  12. Yes

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