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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by upn'smoke, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. would it be ok or beneficial to put worms in your soil?
    will it help the plant any?
  2. Search for worm castings youll find a good answer.
  3. not worm castings
    but like actual worms you know the kind you fish with and stuff
  4. Unless your plants aren't growing well you shouldn't need worms. If you're growing them in a bed they can be beneficial but you should never put them in a pot. It also depends on what kind of worms you get, some can eat your crop.
  5. Considerations of worms and worm castings in your soil are indeed completely different ideas.

    Worm casting (i.e. worm shit) is a rich fertilizer and/or soil supplement that is excellent for growing MJ.

    Worms in your soil will aerate and turn the soil, preventing it from getting compacted and letting oxygen down into the soil to prevent root rot, certain infestations, etc. Worms in the soil are excellent (and by worms I mean your everyday earthworms, don't know about any kind of special worms that could eat your plants).

    Putting some earthworms in your container will not generate enough worm castings to get that benefit. Putting worm castings in your soil will not aerate it. Separate benefits, separate considerations.

    The only concern I have had about worms in the soil is if they are "wild", brought in from outside in your yard they might introduce parasites, hitchhikers, infections, etc. On this subject recently DierWolf said he uses worms from outside and has never had a problem with them, and that's good enough for me.

    This has been discussed before, just search "worm" and you should find more.
  6. yea i threw in a worm from outside about 2 weeks ago and my plant started to take off i wasnt sure if it was help from the worms or just a coincidence

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