Random seeds... Window sill... Healthy?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Spencimelia, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. Just a quik one, does this plant look healthy? :love-mj2:
    (not the best pics, sorry!)

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  2. Yeah she looks fine

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  3. I'm new to forums too lol so thanks for the reply
  4. Looks alright but I would top it asap,
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  5. The time where I am now is 12.53 midday. So should I leave it until just before bedtime (giggle) then top it?
    I could Google, buts it's nice to actually talk to a real person.. Assuming you are... A real... Person. Lmao
  6. Unlike the girls we date you can do it when ever you like plants care not what time of day we top them i always do it first light but mainly because thats when i water etc. ETC. in the rooms
  7. Haha very true. Wkd, thanks for the advice dude.:icgreen:
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  8. For a window sill grow this is great!
    She could use my light but whatcha ganna do.

    Does she have 3 finger leaves and 5 finger leaves on the same node? Trippy! But looka good! How old?

    Also can you please vote for me by commenting my name to become a mars tester? here:Testers wanted for Mars Hydro COB

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  9. :rave-girl:.. Lol
    I think it was around the end of May, so not sure exactly how old.
    2 months approx :wacko:
    I'm still working my way around this tablet I'm using, but I'll look at the link you sent and be sure to vote for you
  10. Thank you so much! Its a simple comment of my name. And you do get 2 votes so vote on whoever you prefer if you wish.

    Do you have a place outside to put it so itll flower better? Or is it a window sill grow all the way through?

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  11. OK that's kwl,, no problem.

    Window during the day then gently transported to a very dark cupboard at night.
    I have used Simple, Fish Blood and Bone nutes @ 5-5-6 npk (only once so far) about 10g.
    I also have liquid feed @ 7-7-7 with micro-nutrients, but I have not used this yet
  12. Remember 12 hours of light and darkness

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  13. For flower. You still have a bit to go
    Also a single cfl or even 3 would make a world of a difference

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  14. The sun has been good to me so far,, but that won't last long so Yeh man can only help
    Onwards and upwards haha
  15. 15017565087121441962993.jpg 15017565686762144773336.jpg 1501756588135797318458.jpg 15017565087121441962993.jpg 15017565686762144773336.jpg
    I feel like it has flipped way too early lol??
  16. Window sill plant #2 would love to know roughly what strain, if anyone can help... Definitely different from my #1st one, both are of the same age. This one is still vegging I believe
    1501756912424-1337086465.jpg 15017569501341417159114.jpg 15017569697382021028302.jpg

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  17. How long is the daylight in your area? We are down too 15ish all my outdoor girls are preflowering, maybe it was an auto flower seed? Many years ago we kept seeding the skunk bud girls that flowered the earliest and were a little shorter after 6-7yrs they would start flowering in mid July which was perfect for our area since our frost can come sept 1, I agree with M9 a CFL or two or even a couple off the shelf leds with the cover removed would make a huge difference bro... other than the other plant showing its more indica then sativa dominate its real hard to say what strain it could be, as you know because they are light starved they are stretching big time which also makes them much harder to identify... thanks for the update i was wondering about your plants just the other day..
  18. Your problerly right, I was thinking it's an auto.. perfectly good reason. I only get direct sun light from 2pm to 8pm aprx.. And that's if there's no cloud coverage :mellow: so pretty shabby, But I will definitely introduce some better lighting. Stretch-weed-strong haha
    I have the funniest little set up ll post a pic.. You will laugh.
    thanks for the reply dude!
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  19. Just an update.. Plus a question, is the red arms strain dependent? IMG_20170815_163547.jpg IMG_20170815_163713.jpg

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  20. Just another updated pic... Need a better camera

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