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Discussion in 'General' started by fruitality, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. is weed ash recyclable?
    the reason i ask is because my trash bin is next to my desk, where i smoke weed, do paperwork, drink from water bottles, etc

  2. it has uses (potash) but dumping it in a recycling bin ensures itll end up on the floor of the recycling center if it hasnt blown away in the air before arrival
  3. so you're saying if i smoke mad weed
    i'll be able to start a potash factory?
  4. more like if you grow you may be able to smoke enough for a soil additive.

    otherwise idk you could probably supplement a small harb garden with what a typical smoker goes through if you have one....
  5. i thought potash was a company because i see news headlins about them, i never knew it was a real thing until i googled it just now lol
    i just read a whole wikipedia article for no reason... thanks for making me unnecessarily educated about something i'll probably never need 
  6. youre welcome. i hope if that knowledge ever comes in handy youre like "thanks snoop toad your useless knowledge is exactly what i needed to cure cancer!"
  7. All knowledge is good grasshopper.

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