Random pics of previous "stuff" we've done

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  1. Just some random pics of some stuff we've done....to date.More to follow!

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  2. More "random stuff"....

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  3. AND.......the latest.....

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  4. My first grow several years ago.
    I vegged this sativa too long and it went outta control on me during flower. It unexpectedly grew above the rafters.
    It produced several 2 foot long buds. Grown in my garage in a 5 gal bucket.

    IMG_0980.JPG IMG_0981.JPG IMG_0982.JPG
  5. Very nice! Thanks for checkin' us out. We do everything from cloning to flower, but specialize in strains....and having fun with it. It ain't work..... it's just what I like to call "One Love". Looks like you had a blast!! Lol
  6. image.jpeg Bluetooth auto nearly done ;)
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