Random obsessions/loves?

Discussion in 'General' started by downtosesh, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. I love the Union Jack. Anything British --> :wave: Hay.
    How about y'all?
  2. Uh pussy.
    Joe Rogan's pod cat.

    I obsess over females allot
  3. I obsess over the 70's. My body might have been made in the 90's, but my soul had to be from the 70's.
  4. I'm obsessed with Buckethead and milk.
  5. i am obsessed with with kardashian family.
  6. -Libertarianism
    -Austrian Economics
    -Anarcho capitalism
    To name a few of my devotions.
  7. im obsessed with naturally occuring mind altering substances
    hand blown glass.
    moai heads.
    music, in general.
  8. I'm obsessed with bone crushing breakdowns. CHUGCHUGCHUG CHUGCHUGCHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG TSH TSH!
  9. Racing. Every form of it but nascar.
    Alcohol. Not just to party but like aperitifs and desertifs, wines, scotches, cocktails and pretty much all fine liquor. I'll happy blow 100 bucks on a bottle if I know its good.
    Analyzing social interactions
  10. -Unwinding peoples emotions and trying to figure out how they feel, so i may easily react with them
    -Good Music
    -Running to get that burning feeling all over
    -Enduring Cold Temp.
    -Talking to randomn people, and making friends

    so many more...
  11. This, but specifically crap can racing such as the 24 hours of lemons and chumpcar. Fucking stupidest shit ever but sooooooooo much fun.
  12. Haha a few guys from my rally competitions competed in the 24hr lemons 2 years ago. I wanted to go so bad but I had to work. :( Fucking corporate sponsored whores :p

    F1 has got to be my #1 though. The technology, skill, and fitness all combined.
  13. You rally? Ive always wanted to try my hand at that. You east or west coast?

    Too bad you couldnt make it to the lemons, shits always a riot. I think my first one was 2 years ago.

    F1 is great, Ive just gotten bored of it. Used to watch every race and make it to 1 or 2 a year, now im lucky to nab a torrent of the race a week later. Glad kimi is back, was always my fav.
  14. Rally is unreal. Try taking your daily driver to a rallycross event, usually just local beaters out for a fun day and lower end rally teams doing some testing a tuning. Great way to meet the contacts necessary to rally for cheap. I found a guy selling dodge neons with CRC spec for $3000, and a guy that did the roll cage, fuel shut offs, masters, and extinguishers in my subaru for 1500. Plus its an awesome way to spend a day.

    Yeah Kimi was good, I enjoyed watching him in the WRC more though. Sebastian Vettel will always have my cheers in F1. I was going to head to the GP Malaysia in a few weeks, but have since ran out of money and will be heading back home.

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