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Discussion in 'General' started by Supsilvhaz, May 28, 2010.

  1. So I was just thinking about this. What it when you are high you are actually living real life and when your not high your like in the matrix world. And the cops are trying to keep people in the matrix world so we dont learn the truth about every thing.

    P.S. I just smoked about 2 grams of White Widow so im a little high
  2. There is no alternative universe like the matrix...

    just live in the "real world"
  3. i read the whole thread from general forum page but this was too funny not to comment on. that's what 2g's of white widow will do to ya, you may be more then just a lil high. :smoking:

    thank you; i'm now inclined to pick up the amount i consume daily.
  4. like we are just living in a sci fi novel and when the person stops reading the book we die

  5. you sure you're not on acid?

    i had similar thoughts like i wouldn't wake back up if i fell asleep, you're just going crazy now but crazy is interesting in small quantities.

  6. Crazy is made up by society to keep us down man. Imma eat my neighbors babies and who are you to say whats normal?
  7. man everyone thinks of a matrix theory while there high its like encoded in the THC
  8. yea dude its like in the crystal and shit, mad conspiracies entangled with the thc
  9. guess you picked the red pill ;)
  10. I don't. I think about dragons, and unicorns.

  11. omg ur avatar just gave me a boner!
  12. This blew my mind.
  13. did you ever think that maybe the unicorn and the dragon shot Kennedy from the grassy knoll? or that they blew up the twin towers?
  14. Dragons are the shit. Unicorns, meh... :smoke:

    This thread is now about dragons.

  15. the national banks hired the dragon and unicorn to kill kennedy because he resisted being just another puppet president for them
  16. I think coming out of the "matrix" is just your ability to sit back and really think about the world...the government...this system of life that we all are little pawns in...now when you're not high you may not consider yourself a pawn because its just life...but when you get high..you're above all of the bullshit..out of the picture..looking at it...you are a pawn....politicians make you their bitch...the pastors make you their bitch...your university makes you it's bitch...unless you have political control of some sort...you are the lowest form of human...the consumer...the controlled

    they don't want you to see it...or question it...so when you smoke you come out of this simulated fantasy and you realize what a piece of shit the reality of your existence is.

    its true...
  17. we should hang out haha

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