Random Mushroom?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Abukuchick, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. I just went to check on Sprouty and her new closet pal "Junior" and I noticed there was a little mushroom in Sprouty's pot! It was not there yesterday! Is this a bad thing? I hope I don't have to trash Sprouty, I've made like every mistake possible with this plant! At least if I do, I have the next plant going already. ;) Thanks

  2. lol sprouty. i hope that is a female name lol

    well for sure what mushrooms mean are a few things;

    ur soil wasnt steril and i wonder what else is growing. so this is a prob a bad thing in general. u really want a steril growing medium.

    ur soil has lot of unbrokedown organic material in it...which isnt a bad thing. soil needs fiber too.

    ur soil is at least 'moist' enough...u can prob lighten up on the water a bit. let the first 1" dry out completely.

    u soil is prob a bit compact...u may wanna shove some long pen sized holes in the soil. all the way down to the bottom of pots.

    ur prob gonna repot anyhow...buy some decent soil...at least till u get better at growing.

    dont eat the damn mushrooms either:)

    gl and let us know how it grows

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