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Random Gram

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by kushi0n, May 12, 2011.

  1. So I was digging around on the inside of my printer, where i keep my bowl and stash, and i never took time to actually look at the bag that i thought was empty. I pulled it out and there was a good gram. I don't think it's that good, but it's got a few seeds. Picture soooon
  2. having seeds in it make it better? or did i misunderstand.:confused_2:
  3. yes, i can grow.
  4. oh okay. good luck on the grow. :D
  5. i change my mind, it didn't look as good as it actually is. i was gone in just a few hits.

  6. Lol im so confused..

    It wasnt that good yet you were gone in a just a few hits?!:eek:

    Damn really good marijuana must be the kind that gets you high just from being in a 10 ft radius near it
  7. Lol confusing thread is confusing...

  8. *Queue meme photos/Threadslaughter*
  9. yeah this shit is way to confusing. you people have to start talking better hahaha
  10. He's saying that the weed was better than it looked.
  11. he said it was better than his assumption upon his:eek: first glance

  12. read this part carefully, he said "didnt look as good as it ACTUALLY IS"
  13. Okay...So you were digging around in your printer looking for weed. And found a magical gram that just showed up in a random empty bag, you happen to have hidden from yourself for, we'll assume, shits, giggles, and other general shenanigans. Then...upon your first observation you noticed some seeds, but smoked it anyway, and have since come to the conclusion you need to go buy weed cause you just smoked your last magical printer gram of reggies...did I miss anything?
  14. its not "actually is" it's "actually was".
  15. Why would your mom walk in on you? Don't you have a lock on your door?
  16. It's a god damned plant, of course it'll have seeds.

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