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  1. So about a couple weeks ago my friend who just got back in town from school asks if I want to smoke a few bowls with her and a friend...So of course I say yes.
    We end up meeting in the parking lot of this lake/park because we know a chill spot a little of the trail. We blaze their a lot and we have never had any trouble.
    So we go to the spot and we are on our 4th or 5th bowl and I take a pretty big hit and I turned a blew out the smoke and there is a guy standing there with his dog!
    So naturally I flip shit and I'm trying to think of a way to get myself out of this and the guy goes. "It's alright." And I am so confused and he asks if he can smoke with us.
    And he pulls out a little smoke kit with his pipe and what looked like about an 1/8th. He hits our pipe...then the second time it got around to him he took a huge ass hit and couldn't stop coughing so he left.
    It was probably the weirdest moment of my stoner life.
  2. lol I would've been confused, but slightly amused at the same time. It's good he had his own bag as well. I hate it when strangers walk up, ask to toke, and then NEVER buys any of you or the dealer. I had that happen once. It wouldn't have bothered me, but the mother fucker would never try to find a job. He thought he could just always show up, smoke for free, and then leave once the joint was gone. It's like "Wtf dude? SCAVENGER!!" He didn't have any problems, he was just too lazy to get a job and just wanted to be a freeloader.
  3. It was just so crazy, ya know?
    We still question whether or not it really happened.
    It was just so out there.
  4. I take it he didn't just get up and walk off...no good bye or anything? Just sounds like a random stoner encounter.

  5. Thats like 'Stoners in the Wild'.:smoke:
  6. haha-- I love those guys.

    Im glad to smoke up anybody over 30 if they wanna hit that shit.
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