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  1. i was waiting for a friend outside of a restaurant tonight, and this dude rolls up and gets outta the car. he comes to me and is like "wasup man?" i was like "nm, jus waitn".
    he walks past me and says "i got dat weed". at first i was like "nah man im gud" cuz i dont know this guy and i aint used to dealin wit random dealers, but then i think wat the hell and i get his attention. we go into the resuraunt's bathroom and make the deal. i get his number and pocket the shit.

    i got home and check it out and this is some nice lookin bud! im bout 2 smoke it now and see if it tastes like it smells.

    anyone else make random deals like this often?
  2. lol you made it sound like this dude was a mexican.
    i can just picture him in my mind.
  3. :D I'm Mexican and I had that same idea. I live in the city so that happens very often. Your always meeting new people threw other people. So much random shit comes threw.
  4. last year when I lived in my school's dorms, I'd make deals like this constantly. I remember once I walked outside at like 2am and saw one kid standing across the courtyard in front of another dorm smokin a cig, felt my 20 in my pocket and decided to walk over and see what was up. fifteen minutes later I was walking back with a free cig and a fat sack of some bomb stuff. kinda miss those deals haha.
  5. so me and my gf and a couple of friends were in chicago staying at the hyatt hotel and we were just walking around and this random guy just was like "HEY i got that kush" im like "yea you got that kush you got a dime" "nah man i got dub dimes and fifteens" so i got a dub sac. awsome time we walked around town hitting out of a one hitter checking out the town! -sigh- fuck ya
  6. dude was a black guy. i can totaly picture him as a mexican now tho haha.

    anyway, that was some fine shit.

    anyone else got some random deal stories?
  7. ok before I turned 18 I was trying to get somone to buy me some rillos at a gas station
    and nobody would I looked stupid just standing there and walking out to random people who looked like they might buy me some
    anyway about half an hour passed and I was still trying to find somone
    and this mexican guy is checking me out and he gets into his friends honda and they stop by me and hes like
    u need somthing?
    but in a friendly way
    and I asked him to buy me some rillos and I gave him the cash
    and his friend asked if he could get one saying that I wasnt the only one smokin on that green
    so I gave him one and asked if he sold
    he gave me his #
    I called him and he picked me up at a pharmacy on the corner by my house and we rode down to some appartments he has like 2 of his friends in the car with him and I like actually shook hands with them
    I was like that dorky little white boy that wants to smoke weed
    anyway I buy the weed and it was the best corn Ive ever had
    I started talking to him as he took me by my house and he did one of the shooting scares around my area at a school
    I was freaked out
    cuz it was dark
    but at the same time it was baller

    anyway in the end hes a great hook up
    best corn and regg in the area
    plus since Im always smokin him out he packs my sacks a little fatter

    the moral of the story
    as long as it isnt a cop or some dick that wants to steal your money
    he might be your next dealer and smoke buddie

  8. that's why i'm always careful about doing random deals. there is always that possibility that you get busted by an undercover cop or get ripped off in some way.
  9. cool i guess but you waited till you got home to check the weed?
  10. wont get busted if youre not asking.

    some cop isnt just gonna come up to you and be like "hey man i got some bud, wanna buy some".
  11. yeah i baught 2 dimes off him. he had em all wrapped up tight and im not gunna be in a resuraunt bathroom trinna open up a tiny lil baggie. it turned out gud tho. i like this shit an im gunna call him.

    wen we were leavin he was like "get all ya buddies to call me" and shit like that. i think the dimes were a lil short but im not 2 woried about it
  12. i had to be in the smallest down in ohio at a family reunion and we were walking down the main street and this kids like "wats up u guys want any thing?" i only had a fiver tho but he was like hold on left for bout 10 minutes came back with a g of mids, it was pretty dopee
  13. yeah new boy at my school was like aye you lookin for some tree i said yeah went to the bathroom and got some mid grade $20 worth
  14. That would be entrapment. It's illegal and they can't charge you with anything if they do it.
  15. Pics or it didn't happen :p
  16. I can see it now...

    "Oh, hey, before you go... you mind if I snap this pic real quick with you holding the bag? And then you snap one of me with the bag? See, my online friends won't believe me if I don't have a pic!"

  17. it's completely legal for an undercover cop to pretend to sell/buy weed from you. Entrapment is when the police use someone else or an undercover constantly hassling you over several occasions into doing something illegal.
  18. when i was at the plasma donation center yesterday a dude came out and was like 'I GOT DAT LEAN' 'PURPLE DRANK' 'PROMATHEZINE AND CODEINE FOR SALE' and then pulls out a pint and holds it up
  19. Not pictures of the deal, pics of the weed :p
  20. So your saying there are no pics? ;P

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