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  1. pretty much gonna tell a small story that's relevant in a weird way to the question i'm asking.

    i went to drexel university last fall in philly, pa for those who are unaware of the school. i ended up befriending a group of girls who ended up introducing me to this girl who lives in the next town over. she's also friends with people i know fairly well and smokes bud so i knew she would at least be chill. i talked to her for a little but not as much as the other girls i had met beforehand. my time at school was cut short due to suspension because of weed.

    fast forward ~6 months, i talked to her a little on facebook saying we should hang since we're so close and know alot of the same people in our area (didn't say that but she was probably as comfortable around me as she was because of that). she responded positively which was cool. fast forward another 2-3 months, i get kicked out my house for a few days for smoking weed and don't have my phone at that time.

    a few days later when shit recovers i get my phone and go through my missed msgs. i get one random text that says 'whatcha doin tonight' by a number i'm not familiar with. i answer asking who it is and the person replies "[girls name]" (nice name, idk why i would like to name a female baby that though) and i was pretty shocked. i was like wahhhhhh, how'd she get my number? probably got it from a friend i'm assuming. i answer saying "Lol hey what's good" and never got a reply after that (makes me think she was just looking for bud that night she hit me up)

    now what i need help figuring out is why did she hit me up, was she really trying to do something...? i honestly thought i'd have to put all the effort in. i've been helping people get bags of trees here and there this summer season, including people in her area and i'm thinking she heard i was legit and familiar person and decided i would be a good choice to pick up from. however, i feel like i'm overthinking it and she actually just hit me up to see what's poppin.

    i don't mind (not really) getting shut down to my face if it means i'll have a chance of macking this female but i don't wanna fuck up before i ever even get a chance.

    so my final question is how should i figure out what her intentions were the other night without being a creep and should i text or message her online? she didn't answer back viaa text that other time which people might take as a hint she doesn't wanna talk but i'm giving benefit of the doubt because i always do....

    prob gonna get flamed. but to the responses i get.... thanks.
  2. wow. that's pretty interesting...the over-thinking hehe jes hit her back n say hey I couldn't reply back on time cuz some shit went down those few nights, but would like to see how you are doing?...try something along those lines...she may have had the intention of seeing what was up with you and felt burnt when you didn't reply right back.
  3. she was hitting me up to party all week (literally) at her crib but it was the one week i was having phone issues. well damn.

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