ran into some pigs

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by walmartsecurity, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. so yesterday, me and my friends blazed a couple bowls and decided to go to the movies and blaze up right before we go there, we are walking by the way. so we go to a hiding place but it was a dark enclosed space and i guess a passing cop saw the darkness get lit up by the lighter sparkin. so he points his light at us and its me and 2 friends and luckily we had just finished the last bowl, so we look at each other for a moment then we all of a sudden bone out all together, we know the area really well, and (sounds faggish) we pre-thought of ways to get away from cops on foot, so we run to through this parking lot which has a really high slanted wall across one side and a chain link fence on top, and we all run through the parking lot and as soon as we see the wall, we run over it and hop the fence like we have many times before, and believe me it was so scary. but we were somehow running fast as fuck. so after we hop the fence, we go through some apartments parking lot, like 100 yard wide apartment, which has a parking lot through from end to end, reach the end, climb another wall, climb the gate and hide in the next apartments stairwell. after like 10 minutes we were still faded but we calmed down and went to a nearby friends house because we were afraid to stay outside for that time. well after that we hooked another sack and blazed it up and talked about the getaway.
  2. Preperation paid off. Thats awesome man.
  3. yea its always a good thing to have a cover story or something too, that has saved me many a time
  4. Of course if your piece was in your pocket cuz you were done you could've just waved and said you were smoking a cig. Either way, preperation can save your ass. 99 times out of 100 you'll never need to be prepared to run but you never know!
  5. man i know how you feel but when your running from the police and you have a plan thats cool but most people get away because that rush of adrenaline just keeps you going

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