Ran game with the hedge trimmers

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by jones, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. so my boy needed his hedge trimmed up, i told him 30$ on the hook up...
    today after work i get all the equipment from bossman :D
    smoke a few bowls drank a few beers with my boy n start trimming the hedge up... i hall ass across the sides of the hedge,
    Half way threw flatting the top, the neighbor she's a crackhead Haitian lady <-(no pun) comes out babling somthign about i woke her up, when i look'd at her, her tittie was hangin outa her shirt...kinda gross really i look'd at her like :eek: she noticed and covered up,

    Well i ended up tell'in her that she ant the one paying me and its 4:00 in the afternoon this bitch is gettin trimmed.. Right so she responds with "how much"
    25$ "ok" she went and got me 25$... i continue for another 15 mins and iam done :) like sweet i just made 55$ in a hour after work, then she reappears and i think fuck, what does she want now and she hands me another 20$...

    cheaa got got paid twice for the same work
  2. You should have fucked her.
  3. Did you make the bottoms wider than the top?
  4. congratulations son you ripped off a crackhead.
  5. Seriously son you shoulda got a blowjob from dat ho you cant get da aids dat way duh
  6. haha nice, you gotta watch out for the hedge trimmers while non sober though. those things can do some damage.

    I've heard some brutal stories of injuries to people at work from hedge trimmers, luckily all I got was a little bit of a cut :cool:

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