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  1. anyone as much of a fan as me for a hot cheap healthy delicious meal?
    love me some ramen!

    ramen in the morning,
    ramen in the evening,
    ramen at supper time,
    when you got pizza on a bagel
    you can have piz... ramen! anytime!
  2. Ramen is great munchies... I get tired of it though. Might start getting it again.
  3. Ramen noodles are boss.
  4. ....uuhhh...not healthy...one pack is two servings...and the sodium it like....500 mg per serving...so you're getting like....idk....300 percent of your daily sodium....(((i cringe when i think of this....i used too eat like....12 packs a day...exaggeration i know..but still...why am i not dead)))
  5. Now I'm going to have the Pizza Bagel song stuck in my head. Oh yeah, and ramen is great. I keep it around in my cabinet and start eating on it when it's time to re-up some groceries. Check out www.ramendepot.com. I've never ordered anything from there, but plan to some time. Hrmm, Maybe today?
  6. Ramen? Healthy? :hide: Haha, but I guess if you're strapped for cash and really got the munchies it could be heaven.
  7. Sapporo Ichiban > Kimchi > Ramen.

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