Ramblings of a Mad Man

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  1. Just random shit I have written in my notebooks, I don't know why but I want to share my thoughts, so here goes..apologize in advance for the lack of structure, these are just mindless scrawls in my books..
    I call this my hopes for the future..

    I have dreams, of escaping. I call this trapped on earth. I have dreams of flying through the cosmos, I want to see a supernova, death and rebirth of stars, absolutely magnificent. I want to skate the rings of saturn, walk the deserts of mars, explore the deepest, darkest sectors of the galaxy. I want to be with the stars. I want to soar with the adjacent comet, only to crash into earth in a beautiful mass extinction event. I want people to recognize the beauty that is life. I want people to love each other. I inhale dreams and exhale hope(line taken by a fellow GC members poem, very inspirational words, thank you)I want to take my generation out of this materialistic lifestyle we've inherited. I want to spark the fire in everybodies eyes. I want to peak everyones interest. I want the world to question what they see. I want people to open their minds to extreme outlandish possibilities. I want to elevate everyones mindstate. I want to escape. Life is 3-dimensional. Whatever you see is only one side, think in 3-dimensions, always. There is no we, me, he, or them. There is only us. We are the children of the stars, particles and stardust, nothing more. Except SO much more! consciousness brings life to this planet, along with greed, hate, war, and love. Our conscious is what shapes us. Sometimes I sit and feel miniscule, thinking about the universe really puts things into perspective. An average human is 5-6 feet tall. The average tree 10-13 feet, Buildings vary drastically all the way from 20-1000's of feet. AND STILL not even ONE touches the sky, or even comes close, for that matter. Let's go even farther now, the planet we inhabit is dwarf compared to our sun, for example. All over the universe are billions of suns and planets with their moons and stars. And even father are other galaxies. It's AMAZING how small we are yet we overcome our deficits through the manifestation and operation of technology. The human being is a truly remarkable specimen..

    I wrote this one today, I was in quite a bitter mood..

    What has this world come to? The harsh realities people divert their eyes from. Look away and it will go away, right? This seems to be the general concensus of today. People are blind, so they tell you to listen. The world is being run in shadows and secrecy, by unbelievably sick people. They worship Baphomet. They have a stranglehold on the "music" of the radio, they poison us with "medicine", opioids cloud the logic and reasoning of our minds. They have turned us against each other, it's a war between ourselves and others. The enemy is not foreign, the enemy is domestic. They toppled the towers. They invade countries and call it Affirmative Action. They spread "Democracy" They have imperialistic ideals, the soldiers are their pawns. It's all just one big experiment on mind control and mental manipulation. Question what you see. There is always what you see, and what is really going on. They control our lives with paper. The Federal Reserve and International Monetary Foundation are privately owned and operated. No government agency can overrule what the feds do. The "money" is worth less than the paper it's printed on, yet we let it control us. I don't know what to do anymore, noone wants to listen, nobody sees what I see. Some do, but most don't. They think I'm mad but this is the place, where the unknown is living and real. These are the ramblings of a mad man, stuck in a very mad world. As humans, we naturally conform and adapt to our environment, Society made me this way, anyone I ever encountered, physically and mentally, made me this way. They made me this way. Nobody cares, so caught up with self. there is no "I", only WE! we are a collective conciousness. We've strayed so far from where we were once at. Kids killing kids cuz the world is cold. Why does noone care about anything important anymore?! FUCK your iPod! FUCK your text messaging, FUCK your impersonal ways. I do not wish to know the things I know, it's a curse to see how the cogs and gears of the system operate. Be aware and do not stray from the darkened light which is reality. Maybe I'm a paranoid schizophrenic? FUCK IT, I don't know...

    I dont expect people to care or whatever but some feedback would be cool, or not, it's up to you really, one love all:)
  2. I feel you, man! Nice post!

    Yeah, the world is a messed up place but that doesn't mean you have to be messed up.

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