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  1. Hello everyone.

    I've been reading the boards for awhile, and I've watched that awesome 7 part video on youtube about growing the herb, but I've got a question:

    In the video, I believe it said something about using vinegar to raise ph levels.

    Currently, in my box, the ph level is sitting dangerously at 7.5 and my plants aren't growing because of it. Light is ok, (I'm using a Glow Lamp 45 and it works pretty well), water level is perfect, and the temp stays around 70-72 degrees. How can I raise the ph with vinegar or do I just need to shell out the dough and go get some ph Up/Down?

    I'm kinda broke, thats why I ask. Thanks in advance.
  2. Wait wait you got that turned around!

    The cheap way:

    PH up with bicarbonate soda and PH down with vinegar or citric acid "lemon juice"!

    Good luck!

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    Holy shit thanks man. I almost seriously fucked up my plants!

    Thanks again :D

    I'm assuming I just dilute these in some water while watering my plants.

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