Raise Voting Age to 21

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  1. For all the obvious reasons. If you need to be 21 to destroy your body with alcohol that seems like a reasonable age to start destroying the country with your votes. That is all, thanks for listening. :wave:
  2. I think it's hilarious when republicans want to silence the youth vote because young people "tend to be more liberal"
    ok, let's also eliminate the elderly vote, because they tend to be more conservative. While we're at it, we should also not allow southern states to vote, they tend to be conservative as well.
  3. The youth tend to be less knowledgeable. They are also more easily fooled by propaganda and campaign rhetoric. But clearly you're at the age in life where you know everything so...
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    I disagree, I feel the voting age should remain 18, I also feel drinking should be 18 as well. If I can be enlisted or drafted into the military to die for my country I should be able to have a drink. Personally I don't like the "government" telling me what I can and can't do.

    Edit: The elderly tend to be senile and hardheaded :) Although I don't feel that generalizations have any real bearing as I know plenty of seniors who are liberal and youngsters who are conservative. Your "political association" has more to do with your upbringing and life experience then just how old you are. Just my .02
  5. How about taking a test to vote? The first question should be do you believe in evolution. If no then just put your pencil down.

  6. It's not "gubment tellin u wut to do" it's the American people realizing that it's the right thing to do. It's already been decided under the radar. Deal with it.:smoke:
  7. Hahahahahaha

    No thanks chief, I'm already red with anger that I can't drink, buy a concealed gun, work in the driving business or gamble, but I can go and get shot in the face in Iraq
  8. Interesting, and I liked the OP.

    But in all honesty, let children in kindergarten vote instead of older people. The untainted young seem to have more humanity and care for another and QUESTION EVERYTHING than those who call themselves properly educated.
  9. How long has it been since the U.S. Federal Government has done whats really "right" for the country? Who are you or anyone for that matter to decide for an entire country's citizens what is right and wrong and then punish those with different ideas?

  10. "different ideas"? Seriously? Try implanted thoughts.
  11. So, should we raise the age to join the military to 21 as well? :confused:

    Would seem kinda fucked up if you could join the military at 18 but couldn't have a say in voting for the people who decide whether you're going to war or not. :confused_2:

    If you're mature enough to make the decision to join the military, surely you're mature enough to vote?
  12. I see OP is not up for serious intellectual discussion, typical. :poke:

  13. How is that logical at all? More people in the military support Ron Paul, and while that's great, we need to analyze why they would do such a thing. Do you honestly think they analyzed all the data, read through all of the classified information and came to the conclusion that yes, there's no threat of terrorism as long as we bring everyone home? Or perhaps they thought "me no want go to war, me want checks, me want money, me want stay home with girl person, me vote ron paul and me no go war, me want serve me country all positives no negatives me like me like".
  14. The voting age used to be 21 for a long time. I think a person is a bit more mature at 21. If I had my way I would not let anyone vote until they were out of school and had a job for 2 years so they knew what the heck was going on.
  15. President Obama?
  16. How are the two related in any way? You have to be 18 to destroy your body with tabacco so 18 is a perfect voting age.

    Destroying your body with heroin is illegal so voting should be illegal.

    I could go on...
  17. Whether they've analyzed all the data or not, I think if it were decided that an 18 year old is not mature enough to vote, then an 18 year old is certainly not mature enough to join the military.
    It's not like joining the military is any lighter of a decision than voting. You could potentially die in a war that you had no say in because you're old enough to die for your country but not old enough to vote.

    That would just seem kinda fucked up to me. :poke:
  18. What about taking seniors voting rights away? You know when they are all retarded with Alzheimer's and shit.(you know like Saint Reagan)
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    Immaturity aside, I think he hit the bullseye with this one.

  20. *sigh* The logic with Alcohol is that is gets you fucked up and your brain is at least mostly developed at 21, at 18 not so much...

    Most 18 year olds never lived outside their parents roof. The 18-20 year olds who join the military do it for a few reasons.
    1. patriotism/fighting for country - while noble, a juvenile reason in and of itself
    2. kill people - this category are a mixture of sociopaths/psychopaths, COD junkies who have no idea what they're getting themselves into and the military is not like COD - overall another juvenile/scary reason to join
    3. Benefits/full-time job - This category typically have nothing going for them. It's either join the military or work at McDonalds or some other dead end job. This category routinely demonstrates its stupidity by actually getting duped by the recruiters into thinking they "most likely" won't even go to a war zone. Then of course they find out they were lied to and then vote Ron Paul, naturally. :rolleyes:

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