Rainbow colors?

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  1. At first I legitimately thought it was water, upon further inspection I noticed holes but what caught my eye is the shiny colors. Its an outdoor grow its been growing fine without any problems for about 3months now I think. Also in the picture there are dots on everything. One more thing on the stem there are... well the only way i can describe it is barnicles? Its watered every other day sometimes consecutively (each day) with a single 16.9 oz water bottle loaded with two to three drops of plant food, I don't know what's different this time from all my other grows i guess ive moved some plants around hmm there might be some different bugs out there due to a new bush i got that seems to not only attract bees but flies for some reason too. thanks for the replies.

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  2. The picture doesnt do the colors justice.
  3. Slugs bro. Slugs...That rainbow shit you're seeing is the slime trail left behind from them. They come out to feast at night.

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  4. Damn .. Thats random i got the plant on a stand away from other plants could they hide in the soil? And the barnicles?
  5. No experience with bugs lol they're not a big deal in my backyard cause i have sheets that seal off the good stuff
  6. Man I honestly don't know how the hell those things get around. I had a bunch of them eat my tomato plants last year and it looked just like that. Had that rainbow bullshit everywhere on the leaves. I used Epsom salt to make a barrier to keep them away but I don't think that's a good idea for cannabis plants. Probably can do some searching on here to find out better ways to deal with slugs. Good luck bro! Let us know what you find out.

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  7. Did some quick research for you and apparently slugs get shocked whenever they come into contact with copper. Pretty interesting. It suggested that there are slug shields made of copper that you can get at garden stores. They also suggested setting up traps for them using fresh beer or any kind of citrus as bait. I think the traps are probably the way to go. Definitely do not use salt around the soil of your plants. Read that that will most definitely cause harm to your plant.

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  8. Will do thanks.

  9. lol slugs like beer
  10. Apparently they like the yeast in fresh beer. Says stale beer won't do it.

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  11. Hi . Totally agree wi all above. Slugs. I do beer/lager traps... bury a jam jam wi around a half full off beer and put it flush to siol. Leave it over nite and wen in morning you check yr traps you shud see lots of drowned slugs. Set quite a few traps about a foot away from ya stem or so. Good luck xxxx

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