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  1. I love it. I always have, kind of an obsession almost, my idea of a perfect day, and it's raining! Perfect day to toke up and relax, blow out all my worries and anxieties. Any Other rain lovers out their?
  2. I love the rain as well, nothing like a really hard rain. Some of the best times I ever had outdoors were in the rain. Swimming in the florida oceans,and the north carolina rivers. Cliff jumping on maui in the pouring rain, and my favorite, the time I fucked the smokin hot little curly haired brunette hippie chick on a hammock in the pouring rain at night, many,many moons ago.
  3. I absolutely love the rain as well, I Wanna move to the west coast for this reason. The sound and look of a heavy rain is a vacation spot to me. It sucks living where I am sometimes because it does not rain during the warm months very often :(

    If you like listening to it, Rainy Mood
  4. make it rain on em
  5. People think my love for the rain is a sign of negativity or depression but nah, some of my best days have been the rainiest I've ever gone through and I have a blast during them.

    Plus when it rains, I find it to be incredibly meditative and stress relieving. Then again I find screamo, metal and shit like that to be therapeutic too, so maybe I'm just a weirdo deep down. :rolleyes:
  6. Rain is very soothing. If it's warmer temp-wise, it's pretty fun to walk around in. Nothing beats a burning joint when you're walking down the street on a dark rainy night, your view lit only by street lamps and their glowing radiance that is retained below the clouds. Shit's legit.
  7. its the best on a balmy spring or summer night when you can just fall asleep with the sound of a decent rain
  8. I love the rain too!!! Especially up in the mountains! Man, just thinking of that makes me happy. :D

  9. That sounds epic! I would love to hike some mountains on a rainy day.
  10. Yes I fuckin <3 rain man! its the bestes!!!
    Makes me feel so chill & relaxed..even the noise of it tapping against the windows
    like music to my ear holes..one day I wanna move to a place where it rains all the time :]
  11. rained for the past 2 days in a row. last night i just sat on my porch and watched the rain fall for probably a good 45 minutes. i was reallyyyyy high. my bong was just chillin next to me, watchin the rain fall with me. aww yeah took pics

  12. theres something about smoking in a parked car with good jams and a heavy downpour that is indescribable
  13. Cheers, I feel you. rain to me has never been gloomy or depressing. a rainy day is a sunny day for me, I think I wanna now to seattle
  14. After a nice day of raining I love taking a stroll outside to rip the bong a few times. So peaceful and easy to breath is seems :)
  15. I love the rain...good to sit on the porch and just close the eyelids and listen
  16. I absolutely love falling asleep to the sound of rain
  17. hell yeah! i love to look out at the night sky watching the sky light up with lightning in the distance as it rains... it storms every night over here so pretty sweet! falling asleep to that pattering noise is also very meditative..
    actually... meditating stoned before sleep with the sound of rain is probably the best moment of my day, every day
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  19. i love the rain, but i hate if its raining when i have to go somewhere cuz then i cant ride my board. i usually dont drive unless im going outside of hollywood, parking is too much of a pain hahaha
  20. I like the rain too, mostly because it usually means I`m no longer obligated to do jack shit all day.

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