Rain water has tadpoles, help.

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Kables, Jun 29, 2019.

  1. I put out a bin to collect rain water over the weekend and come back to it having like tadpoles in it, I've been trying to filter them out but my question is; What would happen if I didn't filter them, hypothetically speaking just put the rain water in the my sprayer and continued to water my plants with them? Do I need to filter out the tadpoles?
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  2. Most likely mosquito larvae
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  3. You can use it
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  4. Put a small amount of bleach in the water periodically. I also use rainwater for my grow.
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  6. 10,000 gallon tank.
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  7. This sounds a little sketchy, like a cap full of bleach to 32oz of water? Appreciate the feedback though and the your water reserve is amazing.
  8. A cap full is good in a 55 gallon drum. I'll put a 1/2 cup to a cup in that reservoir. It dissipates in a day.
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  9. Probably not tadpoles. Most likely mosquito larvea
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  10. I squirt in some Dr. Bronner's soap. It puts a film across the top and kills them and is not bad for the plants.
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  11. I am going to try the bleach but I am a man that goes organic by all means, that being said I want to try this Dr Bronners out. Appreciate all the feedback guys, truly. Will post updated pictures sometimes of my first time grow.

    on the side tho; before these laughing Buddha seeds I had some chemdawg/fireog seeds planted and butched them by trying to get my ph levels right using vinegar, what I didn't read is I needed apple cider, I used.... white.. yeah thats probably the biggest fail of the month but we will recover and prosper!

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