rain water =dmg?

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  1. how important is it to protect your flowers from rain water, will a rainstorm ruin your grow?

    i'd imagine i should do all i can to prevent then from encoutering a rain storm.

    i know they present problems with wieght, and mold, but not sure to what extent

    Also how are spiders/ spiderwebs in retrospect to healthy plants, are they gaurding from dangerous pests, or dangerous themselves, will webs prevent flower growth.

    thanks all
  2. NAh dude, you got it all wrong, rain is bomb for plants. Just be smart if your plant gets watered a gallon a day or whatever and it rained think of how much it got and then add a little or none till' the next day. As far as storms go the wind and shit aren't good. But rain water is good man. And Naturall(;
  3. even when the flowers are there and growing?
  4. I always cover mine. Never forget the day I walked outside and saw all my colas laying in the dirt from rain weight. If you are not covering them net or stake them well. More so for larger plants.
  5. The only major way it could ruin you're grow is through mold. Or spelled backwards, satan. Don't let your buds stay too wet. Just give them a little shake here and there.
  6. I take it you never seen plants laying in the dirt from to much rain weight on the colas? Two major ways I guess you can say.
  7. Nope never seen that, and hope I never do. Sorry for your loss man, op tie your plants to secure those suckers.
  8. If its a good outdoor strain rain isnt going to bother it. And as far as buds in the dirt goes, outdoor weed has to be staked or it will be in the dirt.

    Indoor strains mould and have weak branches. If your growing one you have a reason to worry.

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