rain rain, no sun

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  1. It has been raining for like 2 days off and on with hardly any sunlight. Last time I checked them they were doing good but im scared because of the lack of sunlight the last couple days. Maybe ill check them today but its a long ass fucking walk in the woods to get to my plot. So my question is, will lack of sun for a few days cause my children to die? one is a month old and the rest are about 2 weeks old in organic soil.
  2. Long as your soil drains well they should be ok..
    If they are set'n in soup they will drown!
  3. If the soil has poor drainage and not enough air, rain can kill them. But they should be fine if you have holes at bottom and the soil mix has air and drainage (perlite does both) or sand and lava chips for ex.
    They also need to be staked to resist big rains and protected from slugs who come out with the rain. You can bring a small tarp and protect them from rain if there's more to come. The general rule is in the 1st month, they are fragile but they should be ok with 2 days rain. A few days more could kill them (asphyxiation from too much water in the soil) but I hope not for you. Don't panic!

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