rain :( please help the newb

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by brizzad, May 18, 2004.

  1. hey guys.. been reading this board forever and getting lots of great advice

    i planted seeds about 2 weeks ago outdoors, and for the past week, its been raining half the day, and extremely sunny the other half (damn louisiana weather) .. with this on and off rain for a week straight, do you guys think my plants will be okay? is there anything i can do to help them? thanks!
  2. they should be fine.. a little rain wont hurt them, it IS a weed afterall:D If it makes you feel better, ive got some seedlings outdoors, and it rained for like a week straight, with sunlight in the afternoons, and they did show a little stuned growth, but seem to be carying along nicley


  3. good to hear, thanks for the reassurance! :)
  4. I built a One Plant GreenHouse..That only fits one plant,but Damn that thing works good,just like a a normal and larger greenhouse but better..

    I figured this idea out after i stuck 4 4' plants outside and it rained a lil,and the plant was all wilted over.Then it died.stupid mother earth anywayz.
  5. that greenhous ewill attract poeple and it will overheat on hot days. rain is good, no rain can be really bad.

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