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  1. So after all the hard rain in the last few weeks here in the great Pacific NW, I've had some decent damage to the lower branches of my plants. The lower branches partially snapped off and fell to the ground. They appear to continue to grow but I am wondering if I would be better off just chopping the bottom broken branches off and allowing the nutrients and energy to go to the upper ones? Thoughts? I'm still 4+ weeks away (I know, very late finishers) but advice is welcomed.

    Before and after photos:

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  2. depends on how much of it is still attached? do you have the plant tied off to the fence?
    this will help the plant when it get heavy from the rain. i ask that because, the branch should not have broke, if it was tied off. when the plant really start to bud, its going to get heavy.
    so anything you can do to help the plant be supported the better.
  3. Enough of the branches are still attached that they have kept growing fine for the most part. I did tie the branches to the fence after the broke to support them. Since they are still growing fine, should I just hit them with some flowering nutrients and leave them while keeping a close eye on them?
  4. you can just leave them on the ground, put something under them so they are not just laying on the ground. piece of wood or something works good. make sue that you tie off the rest of the branches to the fence also. just feed them like you normally do. how ever that is:
  5. Thanks, will do. By the way, your outdoor garden is beautiful.
  6. I had a branch partially snap a few weeks back due to rain also. I just tied it up, like a sling, to the main stem and it has shown no ill effects at all. That branch and plant are doing great since. I didn't do anything different in the watering either, just kept giving her molasses.
  7. thanks

    most of the time, if you get them back in place, the will heal them self's
  8. Quick Update, my Fox Farms Beastie Bloomz 0-50-30 should be arriving tomorrow (been using a generic 'Bloom Booster' until now) and things are looking good. The next 7 days are 90% dry and everything appears to be looking good.

    I wish they weren't such late bloomers, but trichromes are forming and I believe it will be worth it. Thinking 4 weeks still...

    By the way, I'm in the photo and am 6'1". :)

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  9. what strain is that?
  10. Ironically it's bagseed. This was kind of a project that I was brought in to manage. I'm just happy they are the female kind.
  11. i seen a G-13 haze last year that looked a whole lot like your giant. as a matter of fact he had 8 of those wicked ladys. just frickin huge
  12. Great looking plants, but going just off the pictures, it looks like you have at least 6-8 weeks minimum before those are completely ready.

    They probably aren't even done stretching.
  13. I just can't believe how long they are taking to finish. Not sure they can make it 8 weeks...6 maybe. They were planted in April and have had plenty of sunlight and growth clearly. We've been blessed the last 3 weeks with minimal rain here in the great Pacific Northwest but I don't know how long until the real storms show up.

    Wish me luck.
  14. Hey, so you live in the nw like Washington? are your plants not budding yet?
  15. Yes, Washington (west/rainy side). They are budding, just weeks behind everyone else it seems.

    New pictures from today attached.

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