Rain can suck

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Vortexx, May 26, 2010.

  1. The rain is a bitch guys.
    It has just been pouring for the last week and a half. Hasn't been too cold but its been pouring. I went to my grow and one of my plants was in the middle of a puddle. I transplanted it to another area but it was pretty fucking hard on the plant.
    I have never grown outdoors before, always indoors. And it really never occurred to me that you actually had to worry about too much rain.
  2. I had to go on a vacation once, and the rain watered my plants for me.

    it can go both ways, I guess.
  3. Yeah for sure. I am just frustrated that i can't control the rain whatsoever. My plants just have to wait it out.
  4. I would set up a tarp of some sort over your plants so that the water runs off to a different area if its raining too much.
  5. or set something similar and put around the soil only. that was my plan because its been raining but it hasnt got THAT bad yet
  6. The rain has been a major issue for me. had to start them on top of a hill area I am planning on getting them is 3 inches under water. My game plan is to transplant them to that area and bring in more soil for the flooded area but wait until the ground isn't flooded anymore. Good idea or bad?
  7. The tarp idea is cool but then they wouldnt get much sun. Plus a tarp is kind of out of place in the middle of the woods.
  8. In the same sense not all tarps are bright, some are dull camo colours, it also wouldnt be that difficult to get some shrubs to help disguise it.
    The real question with the rain being this bad how much sun are they really getting? Because if there isn't a lot to begin with, I don't see it being that much more harm :confused_2:
    But if they are still getting a lot of sun light I see how this might be a problem. I have just heard a lot of people around here (outdoor very common in my neck of the woods) doing it that way. Using the tarp to gather water, so I would imagine if you set it up right, it could still get light in some sense.

    -Edit- I wonder if you were to use Poly how that would work? Its clear think plastic. Not AS strong as a tarp but might be a better option?
  9. I live on the Oregon Coast..and yeah rain sucks.. just do not plant out doors till after June 1st, or have raised beds with good drainage..
  10. I think your plant would have been better off in the puddle. I have to guess it wasn't in a container and was ripped out of the ground.
  11. Yeah, it was in the ground. Why would it be better in the puddle? i checked today and the puddle it was in is still there.
    I still get decent light. Its been on and off raining with sun breaks.
    My plant is not looking too good though. It only has one healthy looking leaf, the others are a pale green and wilted. So its not looking so good.

    The worst part is that its STILL raining! I can't seem to find a tarp around my house. I think im going to use a square glass container and suspend it over the plant. There not that tall yet, like 4 inches.

    It was not a good idea to plant out doors like this. i should have just kept them in small pots on my balcony or something so i could have at least taken them inside if needed.
  12. I guess your not growing close to your home. I do outdoor organics but have built a roof of corugated plastic over the plants now it rains and they stay dry. FYI dont under estimate the power of wind if you use a tarp chances are it will blow all over. I had retrieve mine from the neighbors backyard. Im just lucky they know I grow. Best of luck.
  13. same here.
  14. Dude, atleast you have rain!

    Up here, no rain whatsoever for like 3 weeks! WTF!?!?!

    So, I have been having to water them myself... :mad:

    BUT, yesterday, it rained! :hello::hello::hello:
  15. Sure rain sounds nice when you have to manually water plants, but at least you get to choose when they get water.
    Mother nature has turned this blessing into something i would truly call a curse.

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